SES: Astra 2G ready for december 28 proton launch

Luxembourg (SPX) Dec 22, 2014

SES S.A. is pleased to announce that the ASTRA 2G satellite is ready for its scheduled launch on board an ILS Proton booster from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on December 28 at 03:37:49 Baikonur Time (December 27 at 22:37:49 CET and 16:37:49 EST).

Designed and manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space, ASTRA 2G is based on the highly reliable Eurostar E3000 platform. It will have a —> Read More Here

NASA, Hot Air and Venus

Sydney, Australia (SPX) Dec 22, 2014

Draft NASA plans for a human mission to Venus have spread virally though the mainstream media, and caused journalists in distant lands to contact this analyst for clarification. It’s no wonder. NASA spits out plans for some grand scheme every few months.

Nothing much seems to happen. The ideas get steadily weirder. Nobody knows what NASA is doing, and the spaceflight community is becoming —> Read More Here

NASA’s IMAGE and Cluster Missions Reveal Origin of Theta Auroras

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Dec 23, 2014

Auroras are the most visible manifestation of the sun’s effect on Earth, but many aspects of these spectacular displays are still poorly understood. Thanks to the joint European Space Agency and NASA’s Cluster mission combined with data from a past NASA mission called the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration, or IMAGE, a particular type of very high-latitude aurora has now been e —> Read More Here

NASA’s Chandra Weighs Most Massive Galaxy Cluster in Distant Universe

Huntsville AL (SPX) Dec 23, 2014

A composite image shows the distant and massive galaxy cluster that is officially known as XDCP J0044.0-2033. Researchers, however, have nicknamed it “Gioiello”, which is Italian for “jewel”. They chose this name because an image of the cluster contains many sparkling colors from the hot, X-ray emitting gas and various star-forming galaxies within the cluster.

Also, the research team met t —> Read More Here

GPS III and OCX Demonstrate Key Satellite Command and Control Capabilities

Newtown PA (SPX) Dec 23, 2014

Lockheed Martin and Raytheon have successfully completed the fourth of five planned launch and early orbit exercises to demonstrate new automation capabilities, information assurance and launch readiness of the world’s most powerful and accurate Global Positioning System (GPS), the U.S. Air Force’s next generation GPS III satellite and Operational Control System (OCX).

Successful completio —> Read More Here

Flying over Becquerel

Paris (ESA) Dec 23, 2014

This latest release from the camera on ESA’s Mars Express is a simulated flight over the Becquerel crater, showing large-scale deposits of sedimentary material.

The 167 km-diameter Becquerel crater is located in the Arabia Terra region, straddling the transition between the rough southern highlands and the smoother northern lowlands on Mars.

Like many other craters in the region, its —> Read More Here

Hunter-gatherer past shows our fragile bones result from inactivity since invention of farming

Latest analysis of prehistoric bones show there is no anatomical reason why a person born today could not develop the skeletal strength of a prehistoric forager or a modern orangutan. Findings support the idea that activity throughout life is the key to building bone strength and preventing osteoporosis risk in later years, say researchers. —> Read More Here

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