Why Some Skin Care Products And Those Thermal Receipts May Be A Troubling Combination

Those little slips of paper that accumulate in our pockets and purses may do more than just document recent take-out meals, pumpkin spice lattes and shopping sprees. Receipts, according to a small study published Wednesday, could also deliver a potentially harmful rush of hormone-scrambling chemicals into our bodies.

The new research adds fuel to a heated public health debate, hinting that bisphenol A, or BPA — a primary ingredient in thermal receipt paper used in cash registers, ATMs and some airline tickets — might more readily leach from the paper and absorb through the skin than previously thought. Men and women in the study who held receipts after using hand sanitizer had up to 185 times more BPA clinging to their skin after one minute, as compared to those who did the same with dry hands. Results also suggested that, after the exposure, BPA in the blood rose to levels previously linked to increased risks of heart disease and diabetes.

“This completely unravels the FDA’s position that BPA is safe,” said co-author Frederick vom Saal, an environmental health expert at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Scrutiny over BPA has been building in recent years, as researchers continue to uncover evidence that —> Read More Here

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