It’s Elementary: Species Are Going Up in Smoke

(Illustration by Asher Jay)

The youth are not the future, they are here now.

But they will have to deal with the ramifications of what happens now in the future.

If they fail to speak out and raise awareness and enable action today, they stand to lose tomorrow to ignorance, apathy, and inaction.

Asher Jay, National Geographic Emerging Explorer

Creative Conservationist, Asher Jay, is one of ten young National Geographic explorers taking part in the Conference of Youth in Paris this week (see the full list of our explorers and coverage). You can follow her and the others at #COY11 as they gather to rally young people to action and advocacy around making bold steps to combat human contributions to climate change.

The youth-centered event leads up to COP21, the meeting of world leaders and representatives aiming to make similar commitments at the state and international levels.

For Asher and many of the young people gathering, their own meeting is in many ways the more important one. While leaders have been trying for more than two decades to create a major, binding pact, her generation has grown up frustrated with the older generation’s slowness to commit. That’s why they’re so eager to start conversations and make real changes themselves.

While she speaks passionately, Asher’s real calling is to create visual art. She uses that art to raise awareness and understanding and to inspire action in conservation. Take a look at the piece below which she made for #COY11, and Tweet your own reflections using #COY11, #coolit, and tagging @natgeoexplorers.

When Sherlock Holmes thinks dispassionately and lengthily about a mystery, he usually comes up with a solution. While people today are puzzling over the mysteries of climate change and climate action, wildlife and landscapes are going up in smoke. (Illustration by Asher Jay)

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These Are Mathematical Sets


The following images look like animals, but they are not drawings. These are actually
This image shows the union of all circles of the form


for 0 < t ≤ π, where





This image shows the union of all circles of the form


for 0 < t ≤ π, where





This image shows the union of all circles of the form


for 0 < t ≤ π, where




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Kids With Pet Dogs Are Less Likely To Suffer From Anxiety

Here’s one more talking point for your kids as they try to convince you to get them a four-legged friend: A new study published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease found that having a pet dog at home is associated with a decreased likelihood of developing childhood anxiety.

Over 18 months, researchers from the Basset Medical Center, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Dartmouth Medical School analyzed 643 children in rural upstate New York in a pediatric primary care setting. Parents completed a comprehensive health risk screener before the child’s annual visit, answering questions on a tablet about their child’s body mass index, physical and mental health, screen time and pet status.

Noting that a parent’s mental health can affect their reporting about their own child, the researchers also screened and accounted for adults with depression. While BMI, physical activity or screen time did not differ among the kids with or without dogs, 21 percent of the children without dogs met the clinical threshold at which children are screened for anxiety and related disorders, compared to 12 percent of children with dogs.

The finding that held true even after the researchers controlled for several variables including poverty level, though they pointed out that the study merely revealed a correlation.

“Pet dogs could reduce childhood anxiety, particularly social and separation anxiety, by various mechanisms,” the study authors wrote, explaining that a pet dog can stimulate conversation for children, which has an ice-breaking effect that can alleviate social anxiety (two people with a love for dogs or a pet at home immediately have something to bond over, for example).

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