Neil deGrasse Tyson Admits He Was Wrong On Deflategate

It doesn’t happen very often, but astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was wrong this week. And like any good scientist, he’s not afraid to admit it, correct it and explain himself.

On Monday, the director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History took to Twitter in an attempt to deflate the New England Patriots’ Deflategate excuse.

Coach Bill Belichick had said atmospheric pressures and balls being transported from the warm indoors out onto a cold field could have caused them to lose enough pressure to fall below league standards. But Tyson tweeted that to lose as much pressure as the balls did, they would need to be inflated with 125-degree air.

My calculation used the well-known gas formula that relates pressure to temperature within a fixed volume,” Tyson explained on Facebook on Tuesday. “Quite simply, the two quantities are directly and linearly related. e.g. Halve the temperature, you’ve halved the pressure. Triple the temperature, you’ve tripled the pressure.”

He wrote that his mistake was using absolute pressures instead of gauge pressures. Going by gauge pressures, the balls would need to be inflated with 90-degree air.

“A —> Read More Here

Dutch babies trump US peers in laughing, smiling, cuddling

Dutch babies laugh, smile and like to cuddle more than their American counterparts. A new study examining temperamental differences between US and Dutch babies found infants born in the Netherlands are more likely to be happy and easier to soothe in the latter half of their first year. US infants, on the other hand, were typically more active and vocal, said study co-author Maria Gartstein, a Washington State University associate professor of psychology. —> Read More Here

Congressman claims relying on GLONASS jeopardizes US lives

Washington DC (Sputnik) Jan 28, 2015

Depending on a Russian satellite system to route US emergency phone calls, as outlined in a proposal being considered by the US government’s main communications agency, would endanger the lives of American citizens, US Congressman Mike Rogers’ spokesperson Shea Miller told Sputnik.

“Using Russian technology could make any emergency situation even worse because Russia doesn’t play by the ru —> Read More Here

Canadian students design robotic sailboat for Atlantic challenge

Vancouver, Canada (XNA) Jan 28, 2015

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean by an unmanned sailing boat? Yes, this is a dream of a group of students from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver in west Canada. They’ve designed a robotic sailboat that will become the first unmanned vessel to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

They plan to launch the so-called “Sailbot” off the coast of Newfoundland in the far east of Canada this sum —> Read More Here

Bill Nye Says ‘Give A F**k’ About Climate Change Instead Of Deflategate

Bill Nye is weighing in on Deflategate again, but this time he has a few props and a message to share about something far more important.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick claimed atmospheric conditions and temperature changes could have caused footballs to lose air pressure during the team’s AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts.

On Sunday, Nye said taking that much air out of a ball would require an inflation needle. But in a new video posted on Funny or Die, The Science Guy declared that “one test is worth 1,000 expert opinions,” and put some footballs into a fridge set to 51 degrees, or the temperature at the Jan. 18 game.

That’s where the video takes a very different turn.

“While we’re all obsessed with Deflategate, let’s keep in mind that there’s something about which you should give a fuck,” Nye said. “Yes, like Tom Brady, the world is getting hotter and hotter, and you know why? Because we humans are pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

Nye then began listing things that contribute to climate change — including long-winded Deflategate press conferences — and followed that up with a rallying —> Read More Here

Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch and Booster Recovery Featured in Cool New SpaceX Animation

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket poised for launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in this updated artists concept. Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket poised for launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in this updated artists concept. Credit: SpaceX
See Falcon Heavy launch and booster recovery animation below

SpaceX released a cool new animation today, Jan. 27, showing an updated look at their Falcon Heavy rocket and plans for booster recovery. See below. (…)
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