Physicist Finds Mysterious Anti-electron Clouds Inside Thunderstorm

Durham NH (SPX) May 22, 2015

A terrifying few moments flying into the top of an active thunderstorm in a research aircraft has led to an unexpected discovery that could help explain the longstanding mystery of how lightning gets initiated inside a thunderstorm.

University of New Hampshire physicist Joseph Dwyer and lightning science colleagues from the University of California at Santa Cruz and Florida Tech describe t —> Read More

Patent for Navy small space debris tracker

Washington (UPI) May 22, 2015

A U.S. Navy device that detects small debris in space and provides data on their trajectory has been granted a U.S. patent.
The Optical Orbital Debris Spotter from the Naval Research Laboratory is compact in size, uses low power and can be integrated into larger satellite designs or flown independently onboard nano-satellite platforms, the Navy said.
The device concept is the cre —> Read More

Newly dedicated observatory to search for gravitational waves

Washington DC (SPX) May 22, 2015

Seeking to expand how we observe and understand the universe where we live, the National Science Foundation has helped dedicate the Advanced Laser Gravitational Wave Observatories (Advanced LIGO) at the LIGO Hanford facility in Richland, Wash.

The California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology designed the NSF-funded facilities and operate them with the goal o —> Read More

New options for spintronic devices

Berlin, Germany (SPX) May 20, 2015

Scientists from Paris and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin have been able to switch ferromagnetic domains on and off with low voltage in a structure made of two different ferroic materials. The switching works slightly above room temperature. Their results, which are published online in Scientific Reports, might inspire future applications in low-power spintronics, for instance for fast and efficient da —> Read More

China Plans First Ever Landing on the Dark Side of the Moon

Moscow (Sputnik) May 22, 2015

What lies on the dark side of the moon? The ruined civilization of our lunar forbearers? A pile of overplayed Pink Floyd records? The most exclusive Airbnb in the galaxy? China’s on the case, launching the first expedition of its kind, a journey into the moon’s perpetual dark.

The closest extraterrestrial body, the moon has done much to shape our history and mythologies. It’s been associat —> Read More

John Nash Dead: ‘A Beautiful Mind’ Mathematician Killed In Car Accident

Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Nash was killed in a car accident on Saturday, New Jersey State Police told The Huffington Post.

The Princeton University scholar was 86 years old. His wife Alicia was also killed in the crash.

According to police, they were riding in a taxi on the New Jersey Turnpike and were ejected from the vehicle. reports that Nash and his wife were not wearing seatbelts.

Nash was the subject of the Academy Award-winning film ‘A Beautiful Mind’. The film depicted his groundbreaking work in game theory, for which he won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1994. He also received the Abel Prize, one of mathematics’ most prestigious honors, in March.

‘A Beautiful Mind’, which starred Russell Crowe, also depicted Nash’s struggles with mental illness. Nash suffered from schizophrenia and, after his recovery, became an advocate for improving mental health care.

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