A bubbly cosmic celebration

In the brightest region of the nebula RCW 34, gas is heated and expands through the surrounding cooler gas. Once the heated hydrogen reaches the borders of the gas cloud, it bursts outwards into the vacuum like the contents of an uncorked champagne bottle — this process is referred to as champagne flow. But the young RCW 34 has more to offer; there seem to have been multiple episodes of star formation within the same cloud. —> Read More

Technology, collaboration can personalize education for American students

Harnessing technology to personalize education for all students has the potential to transform education and prepare students to live and work in a global society. In 2014, more than 100 experts from the fields of education, research, academics and technology, as well as policy makers, gathered to discuss the future of education and ways to personalize it for each student. This week the group released a report detailing challenges and offering solutions for a new approach to education. A University of Kansas professor was a leading contributor to the work. —> Read More

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