Steering ESA satellites clear of space debris

Paris (ESA) Oct 31, 2014

Improved collision warnings for its Earth observation missions means ESA controllers can now take more efficient evasive action when satellites are threatened by space junk. ESA has signed an agreement with the US Strategic Command to improve data exchange between the organisations for supporting missions.

The tie-up will see ESA receiving higher quality and more timely space information t —> Read More Here

Russia Puts Meridian Communications Satellite Into Orbit

Moscow (RIA Novosti) Oct 31, 2014

A Meridian communications satellite has been put into orbit by a Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket, launched from Russia’s Plesetsk space center, the Defense Ministry’s spokesperson told RIA Novosti Thursday.

“The Soyuz-2.1a carrier-rocket, launched Thursday, has successfully put the Meridian satellite into orbit,” Col. Alexei Zolotukhin, a spokesperson for Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces said. —> Read More Here

Orbital Sciences Considers Replacing Russian Engine Used on Antares

Washington DC(RIA Novosti) Oct 31, 2014

The Orbital Sciences Corporation, that built and launched Antares supply rocket crashed in Virginia, may replace the spacecraft’s current AJ-26 Russian rocket engine, once their investigation of the crash is finalized, the company’s CEO David Thompson stated.

“Orbital has been reviewing alternatives since the middle of last year and recently selected a different main propulsion system for —> Read More Here

NASA to work with cargo partners despite rocket crash

Washington DC (RIA Novosti) Oct 31, 2014

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will continue working with its International Space Station (ISS) program partners on cargo resupply missions, despite the crash of the supply rocket Antares in Virginia, a NASA spokesperson Stephanie Schierholz told RIA Novosti.

“We will continue to move forward toward the next attempt once we fully understand today’s mishap,” Sch —> Read More Here

Microrockets fueled by water neutralize biochem warfare agents

Washington DC (SPX) Oct 30, 2014

With fears growing over chemical and biological weapons falling into the wrong hands, scientists are developing microrockets to fight back against these dangerous agents, should the need arise. In the journal ACS Nano, they describe new spherical micromotors that rapidly neutralize chemical and biological agents and use water as fuel.

Joseph Wang and colleagues point out that titanium diox —> Read More Here

Mark Olsen – An Atmospheric Dynamicist With a Beat

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Oct 30, 2014

Atmospheric dynamicist Mark Olsen enjoys unplanned scientific discoveries and drumming in his rock band with his Goddard friends.

b>What do you do and what is most interesting about your role here at Goddard? How do you help support Goddard’s mission? /b>

I’m an atmospheric dynamicist. I look at the transport of air and its constituents in the atmosphere, and the drivers of this tra —> Read More Here

Gilat Deploys 3G Small Cell Network for TIM Brasil in Only Two Months

Petah Tikva, Israel (SPX) Oct 31, 2014

Gilat Satellite Networks has announced the successful deployment of the CellEdge small cell over satellite solution to 20 rural sites in Brazil, as part of its agreement with TIM Brasil, the second largest Brazilian operator and the leading company in the pre-paid segment.

TIM selected Gilat to provide a full turnkey solution of 3G coverage to the most remote regions of Parana state in Bra —> Read More Here

Getting to Know You, Rocket Edition: Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage

Huntsville AL (SPX) Oct 31, 2014

Some elements of a rocket can be familiar, like the boosters and engines. But there are several important parts on NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), that may be less widely known. Case in point? The interim cryogenic propulsion stage (ICPS).

If the SLS was dissected, the ICPS lies just below the Orion capsule, at the top of the SLS. The ICPS is a liquid oxygen/liquid hydrog —> Read More Here

FY 15 launch schedule kicks off with GPS IIF-8 liftoff from ‘The Cape’

Cape Canaveral AFB FL (SPX) Oct 31, 2014

The U.S. Air Force supported the successful launch of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carrying the Air Force’s eighth Block IIF navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System at 1:21 p.m. EDT Oct. 29 from Space Launch Complex 41.

The 45th Space Wing team of military personnel, government civilians, and contractors provided support to the ULA launch of the Air Force Space Co —> Read More Here

‘Space for our future’ exhibition opened in Brussels

Paris (ESA) Oct 30, 2014

The ‘Space For Our Future’ exhibition, created by ESA and the European Commission, was formally opened on 28 October in Brussels by EC President Jose Manuel Barroso, ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall and Arianespace Chairman and CEO Stephane Israel.

The display highlights Europe’s successes in space, the concrete benefits being delivered to citizen —> Read More Here

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