Japan-based NGO Peace Boat sets sail from Yokohama

Photo: Peace Boat's current charter the Ocean Dream
Peace Boat’s current charter the Ocean Dream

Hundreds of spectators gathered on the wooden decking of Yokohama’s Osanbashi international terminal to wave goodbye to Peace Boat’s 86th Voyage this Friday. Some huddled around home-made placards bearing the names of friends and relatives onboard, others held aloft renditions of Yokohama’s Bay Bridge, and one group had outfitted themselves in Santa Claus getups for the occasion, their white beards catching the November sun.

Parallel to the concourse, the engines of Peace Boat’s current charter, the Ocean Dream, rumbled into life. From here the ship – a repurposed commercial cruise liner built to accommodate more than 1000 passengers – would sail for Kobe, before visiting 17 other ports in 14 countries in a southerly circumnavigation of the world along the route first sailed by Ferdinand Magellan during the Age of Discovery.

Marco Farani, the Brazilian Consul to Japan, addresses participants embarking on the three month cruise.

Vit Mlcoch, one of a small minority of non-Japanese passengers onboard, jostled for position on the port side decks, shouldering a space between clicking cameras and waving passengers. Close by, Brazilian Consul to Japan Marco Farani, was giving a speech on the significance of the three-month journey. “As —> Read More Here

The Lancet: Universal health coverage for US militar veterans within reach, but many still lack coverage

Over a million US military veterans lacked healthcare coverage in 2012, according to new estimates published in The Lancet. While many people believe that all veterans are covered by the Veterans Affairs health care system, less than half — 8.9 million — of the 22 million veterans in the US are covered by VA health benefits, and most veterans are covered by private health insurance. Uninsured veterans are more likely to be young, single, African American, and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. —> Read More Here

Physicist Helps Discover Subatomic Particles

Syracuse NY (SPX) Nov 20, 2014

A physicist in the College of Arts and Sciences is the lead contributor to the discovery of two never-before-seen baryonic particles. The finding, which is the subject of a forthcoming article in Physical Review Letters (American Physical Society, 2014), is expected to have a major impact on the study of quark dynamics.

Steven Blusk, associate professor of physics, has identified particles —> Read More Here

Time in Space Exposes Materials to the Test of Time

Washington DC (SPX) Nov 24, 2014

Much like that pickup truck rusting in your backyard thanks to time, rain and the elements, extended stays in the brutal environment of space can take its toll on spacecraft, satellites and space stations.

In fact, anything outside the protective blanket of our atmosphere can be assaulted by orbital debris, temperature extremes, micrometeoroids, direct sunlight and, when spacecraft are in —> Read More Here

Sun’s rotating ‘magnet’ pulls lightning towards UK

Washington DC (SPX) Nov 24, 2014

The Sun may be playing a part in the generation of lightning strikes on Earth by temporarily ‘bending’ the Earth’s magnetic field and allowing a shower of energetic particles to enter the upper atmosphere.

This is according to researchers at the University of Reading who have found that over a five year period the UK experienced around 50% more lightning strikes when the Earth’s magnetic f —> Read More Here

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