Researchers discover new genetic anomalies in lung cancer

By analyzing the DNA and RNA of lung cancers, researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center found that patients whose tumors contained a large number of gene fusions had worse outcomes than patients with fewer gene fusions. In addition, the researchers identified several new genetic anomalies that occur in lung cancer, including in patients with a history of smoking. —> Read More Here

Searching for Deaf People

PHNOM PENH – In the bluish early morning light, we gathered by the gate of Deaf Development Programme (DDP) with our provisions of fully-charged smartphones, water, face masks, cameras and scarves for what promised to be a long day. The four of us, a teacher, an interpreter, a deaf interpreter and a tag-along anthropologist, climbed into a tuk-tuk and set off, navigating the morning traffic on our way to find deaf people in the villages.

The purpose of this outreach is to find deaf adults between the approximate ages of 20 and 45 who have never been to school or learned Cambodian Sign Language. The team is searching for deaf people who want basic adult education or job training at Deaf Development Programme; however, finding deaf people is harder than it seems.

On this trip, one of many made during a two-week period in late November, we traveled for about an hour north towards Kampong Cham to visit a chain of Cham settlements off of National Road 6. The Cham are an ethnic minority and largely Muslim population in Cambodia. Most of them live along the Mekong River and Tonlé Sap Lake.

After about a hour or so fighting a stream of —> Read More Here

Pix4D enables Autonomous Mapping with a Simple sUAV


This post is the latest in the Drones and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Series, which profiles interesting information, thoughts and research into using drones, UAVs or remotely piloted vehicles for journalism and photography, that Kike learns about during his travels.

Making use of DJI’s new Software Development Kit, Pix4D developed the first mapping App. The Pix4Dmapper mobile App allows to turn drones such as DJI Phantom 2 Vision into an autonomous mapping and measuring tool to create 2D maps and 3D models.

The most challenging part of UAV mapping is to take images in a specific way that ensures the best quality and accuracy possible for 2D maps and 3D models. DJI’s SDK allows Pix4D to offer a new feature available as a mobile App that enables users to take total control of a mission, including the camera. This takes away the difficult part of mapping and makes for an easy yet accurate tool for professionals.

The Pix4Dmapper App for Android (iOS coming soon) allows user to map areas by defining various types of flights. Users can select flight areas and height to create a fully automatic mapping flight, or fly the drone using the remote control: the —> Read More Here

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