When The Mountains Started Exploding: Devastation In Coal Country (VIDEO)

On Monday, November 30th, The Huffington Post is thrilled to showcase, in a special event, the new film from Oscar-winner Charles Ferguson entitled ” Time to Choose.” The entire film will be available for viewing by our readers around the world.

The majestic mountains of Boone County, West Virginia, seem an emerald paradise as the camera pans over them in a luxurious flyover in a clip from the latest film by Ferguson (“Inside Job”). “Breathtaking,” is how a West Virginia native recalls the mountains in her youth.

“So when the mountains started exploding,” notes Maria Gunnoe, “of course I was outraged.”

Ferguson’s new documentary “Time To Choose” examines the climate-change crisis on a global level, including the devastations of the fossil-fuel industry in the United States, such as in Appalachian coal country.

“I had heard of ‘mountain-top removal’, notes Bo Webb, another native West Virginian, “but had no clue what it was.” The clip takes viewers from the resplendent green of the forested mountains to the barren wastelands and lunar landscapes of the area after the coal industry has decimated it.

“Time To Choose,” which debuted this past September at the Telluride Film Festival, will be screened at two special events in Paris in two weeks during the UN climate-change conference (aka COP21). The Huffington Post will offer the full film online one week earlier in a special event. Look here on the morning of Monday, November 30 — the opening day of the conference — to watch.

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Earth May Be “Hairy” with Dark Matter

This illustration shows Earth surrounded by filaments of dark matter called "hairs". A hair is created when a stream of dark matter particles goes through the planet. According to simulations, the hair is densest at a point called the "root." When particles of a dark matter stream pass through the core of Earth, they form a hair whose root has a particle density about a billion times greater than average. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This illustration shows Earth surrounded by filaments of dark matter called “hairs. A hair is created when a stream of dark matter particles goes through the planet. A new study proposes that Earth and the other planets are filled with “hair”. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

I’m losing mine, but the Solar System may be way hairier than we ever thought, with thick crops of filamentary dark matter streaming through Earth’s core and back out again even as you read this. (…)
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Dimetrodon borealis: First Canadian Dino Actually Mammal-Like Reptile

A ‘dinosaur’ fossil known as Bathygnathus borealis has been shown to have steak knife-like teeth, and a team of Canadian paleontologists has changed its scientific name to Dimetrodon borealis. Known from a single specimen, Bathygnathus borealis has a long and intriguing taxonomic history. It is the second vertebrate fossil named from Canada (Dendrepeton acadianum was [...] —> Read More

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