Science Confirms That Men Are The More Narcissistic Sex

It turns out there’s a reason your male boss is so obsessed with himself: Society hardwired him to act that way.

In a provocative new study published in the March issue of the journal Psychological Bulletin, psychologists at the University at Buffalo showed that men outscore women in just about every measure of narcissism.

The researchers, who analyzed 31 years’ worth of personality test results from 475,000 people, found that while men and women are equally vain, men across generations tend to be more narcissistic in every other way, including having inflated self-esteem and a greater sense of entitlement.

This is likely related to gendered social norms, said Emily Grijalva, an assistant professor of organization and human resources at the university and the study’s lead author.

“Although entitlement is undesirable for both genders… women will be penalized more harshly for acting entitled than men because entitlement is inconsistent with stereotypes that tend to emphasize women being caring and nurturing,” she told The Huffington Post.

While narcissism can be healthy in moderation — Grijalva noted that narcissists often make good first impressions, have good self-esteem and are identified as leaders — being overly concerned with one’s appearance or reputation can —> Read More Here

We Can Be Good. We’ve Done it Before.

“Are humans innately selfish, greedy and war-like?” This is the question I love to ask my students at the start of the semester. They always answer the same way, with a resounding “yes.”

But this question cannot be answered merely by what we observe around us today nor can we look to history, since recorded history represents only five percent of humans’ time on earth. We must instead ask what humans were like in prehistory, from our first appearance on earth roughly 200,000 years ago. This can tell us about humans’ capabilities.

What the facts show is that we are capable of living cooperatively, without disparities of wealth, with a high degree of gender equality and no barriers of ethnicity or race. This is not a theory or a hope. Instead, anthropologists like me know we can live this way because facts show this is the way we have lived for most of our existence on earth.

And we continue to have these capabilities even today. I do not deny the extraordinary human cruelty all around us. But if we don’t recognize our potential to be good, then we will assume we are destined to be bad. And assuming —> Read More Here

Orion’s launch abort system motor exceeds expectations

It took just three seconds for the attitude control motor of NASA’s Orion Launch Abort System (LAS) to prove that its material can survive not only the intense temperatures, pressures, noise and vibrations experienced during a launch emergency but also 40 percent beyond. The LAS is being designed to bring a crew to safety should there be a problem in the launch pad or during ascent. —> Read More Here

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