Ancient City, Once Home To A Long-Lost Civilization, Found In Honduras Rainforest

lost city

A team of archaeologists were searching for the fabled “White City,” also known as the “City of the Monkey God,” in the Honduras jungle. But during the course of their hunt, they say they may have stumbled upon something far more remarkable: not merely a long-lost city, but an entire, unidentified civilization.

The story of this discovery begins in 2012 when an aerial survey of a remote valley in La Mosquitia, Honduras, revealed evidence of the ruins of a pre-Columbian city. As National Geographic notes, some experts thought the ruins might be part of the legendary “White City.” This “mystical, Eden-like paradise,” which has captivated explorers for at least a century, was described in indigenous stories as a place where Indians were said to have hidden from Spanish conquistadores.

The site of the “White City” has never been confirmed.

Trees are still thick within a pocket of jungle in the Mosquitia that is home to the ruins of an ancient civilization.

With the support of the Honduran government, the team recently embarked on an expedition to the surveyed area to discover firsthand whether or not the “White City” had actually been located. What —> Read More Here

Waking Up with the Wildlife in Kenya


I peel myself out of bed as the sun peeps up over the horizon. The dogs are stirring and the mere mention of a walk puts them into a frenzy.

We head out – the dogs’ noses close to the ground following all of the exciting scents to be found on the Kapiti Plains in Kenya.

I am on full alert as, at this moment, we are but three -two dogs and me! – amongst vast herds of wildlife. My eyes are scanning for warthogs. Notoriously they are very brave and defend their babies against any threats. They could be fatal to my dogs if they decided to chase them. At this time of year they all have strings of youngsters, tails standing erect like antennae as they run through the long grass. A tempting target for any dog!

We walk through large herds of wildebeest with their tan babies on spindly legs snugged up close to their mothers. They watch us without concern. It is still cool and the adults are playful, chasing each other around the thorn bushes with their ungainly strides. Watching them, I wonder with admiration how they manage to endure their long annual migration, —> Read More Here

Neuroscientists identify new way several brain areas communicate

Neuroscientists have identified a new pathway by which several brain areas communicate within the brain’s striatum. The findings illustrate structural and functional connections that allow the brain to use reinforcement learning to make spatial decisions. Knowing how these specific pathways work together provides crucial insight into how learning occurs. It also could lead to improved treatments for Parkinson’s disease. —> Read More Here

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