Bringing clean energy a step closer

Researchers have made an inexpensive metal-free catalyst that performs as well as costly metal catalysts at speeding the oxygen reduction reaction in an acidic fuel cell, and is more durable. The catalyst is made of sheets of nitrogen-doped graphene that provides great surface area, carbon nanotubes that enhance conductivity, and carbon black particles that separate the layers allowing the electrolyte and oxygen to flow freely, which greatly increased performance and efficiency. —> Read More Here

Behavioral Science May Prove to Be Our Most Important Science

Science has changed our world. We take for granted the impact of the physical and biological sciences on our world, forgetting that it once took months to get from the East coast to the West coast or to communicate with someone across the ocean. Science has dramatically improved our health too. In nineteenth century England more than 100,000 people died of cholera before John Snow showed that contaminated water was the cause of cholera.

It might seem that no such stunning changes are possible when it comes to human behavior. We continue to have significant problems with crime, drug abuse, depression, academic failure, and poverty. Reading the headlines, you might think that we have made no progress on these problems and that no change is possible.

But you would be wrong. A great deal of progress has taken place on how we can treat and prevent these problems and it is this science that has the potential to enhance human wellbeing far beyond the physical sciences.

If you are unaware of the progress of the behavioral sciences, it is because progress is relatively recent and because the policies and programs that can prevent or ameliorate these problems are not yet —> Read More Here

One Big Fish Is Making News, but There Are Many More Out There

Zeb Hogan with his own goonch catfish. Photo credit Rob Taylor

Fisherman wowing listeners with tall tales of behemoth catches is a story as old as time. Now, with the help of the Internet, some storytellers can prove it.

And, that’s exactly what Dino Ferrari did after he recently reeled in a 280-pound catfish in Italy’s Po River. Ferrari says he wrestled with the catfish for more than a half hour before he successfully met the beast. He took photos and video with his colossal catch before ultimately releasing the creature back into the river.

The photos and footage are amazing for anglers and web-surfers alike. It’s not everyday you encounter a monster fish … unless you’re Zeb Hogan.

Zeb Hogan with his own goonch catfish. (Photo by Rob Taylor)

Hogan, a National Geographic explorer and host of the Nat Geo WILD series Monster Fish, will talk about his search for freshwater giants at a National Geographic Live event on March 26 in Washington DC.

While the talk is one-night only, Washington DC tourists and residents can join Hogan on a journey to find and protect the world’s largest freshwater fish at the National Geographic Museum.

The exhibit, Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants, —> Read More Here

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