Uwingu to Beam Almost 90,000 Messages to Mars

Boulder CO (SPX) Nov 26, 2014

Uwingu will launch a radio transmission to Mars on Friday, November 28th, sending almost 90,000 names, messages, and pictures from people on Earth. This is the first time messages from people on Earth have been transmitted to Mar by radio.

The transmission, part of Uwingu’s “Beam Me to Mars” project, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 28 November 1964 launch of NASA’s Mariner 4 mission —> Read More Here

SAARC leaders call for deeper cooperation in space technology

Kathmandu (XNA) Nov 27, 2014

Regional collaboration in space technology must be enhanced to achieve sustainable development in South Asia, according to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) leaders.

Addressing the inaugural session of the 18th SAARC Summit here on Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country is ready to develop a satellite specifically for the region by 2 —> Read More Here

Proton-M Carrier Rocket Launch Postponed Over Technical Problems

Moscow, Russia (Sputnik) Nov 27, 2014

The launch of a Proton-M Russian Carrier rocket, carrying the European Astra 2G satellite, has been postponed due to technical problems, a spokesperson for the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) told RIA Novosti Wednesday.

“When checking the insertion upper stage [Briz-M] a fault in the command devices was detected, in this regard, it will be necessary to remove the rocket from the launch pa —> Read More Here

Process converts human waste into rocket fuel

Gainesville FL (SPX) Nov 27, 2014

Buck Rogers surely couldn’t have seen this one coming, but at NASA’s request, University of Florida researchers have figured out how to turn human waste – yes, that kind – into rocket fuel.

Adolescent jokes aside, the process finally makes useful something that until now has been collected to burn up on re-entry. What’s more, like so many other things developed for the space program, the —> Read More Here

Orion Teams on Track Heading into Holiday

Washington DC (SPX) Nov 27, 2014

The processing of Orion and its United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket remains on course for a launch Thursday, Dec. 4, on the first flight test of the spacecraft design.

Working at Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, technicians and engineers head into Thanksgiving conducting a series of electrical and battery checks between the connections between the crew —> Read More Here

Lockheed Martin Keeps Fingers Crossed for Orion’s First Test Flight

Washington DC (SPX) Nov 26, 2014

As we move closer to the highly anticipated first ever test flight of the Orion spacecraft, there’s an aerospace company which would be keeping its fingers tightly crossed during this nail-biting moment for the U.S. spaceflight. Lockheed Martin which built the manned capsule that will take American astronauts far beyond Earth, is much more than excited about the milestone flight.

“We live —> Read More Here

Frontrunners emerge for top Pentagon job

Washington (AFP) Nov 24, 2014
A pair of frontrunners have emerged to take charge at the Pentagon after President Barack Obama announced the departure of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

If former under-secretary Michele Flournoy gets the nod, she would be the first woman to hold the role, and neither she nor former deputy secretary Ashton Carter have served in uniform.

Now working as policy academics, Flournoy and Cart —> Read More Here

DNA may survive suborbital spaceflight, re-entry

Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Nov 27, 2014

Plasmid DNA attached to the outer surface of a sounding rocket may be able to withstand rocket launch, a period of residence in suborbital space, re-entry, and landing conditions into the Earth’s atmosphere, all the while staying intact and active in its function as carrier of genetic information, according to a study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Cora Thiel and Oliver Ullrich —> Read More Here

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