Preventing cardiovascular disease in old aortas

Researchers look for the root cause of age-related aortic stiffness — an early sign cardiovascular disease — and uncover a potential therapeutic target for reducing or preventing its development. The underlying cause of aortic stiffening is unclear. While much of the previous research pointed to the extracellular matrix (ECM) — a group of molecules secreted by the cells that support cell attachment and communication — as the culprit, a few studies suggest that vascular smooth muscle may play a role. —> Read More Here

Is fleet diversity key to sustainable fisheries?

Concern about fisheries is widespread around the world. Over the past several decades, a robust discussion has taken place concerning how to manage fisheries better to benefit ecosystems and humans. Much of the discussion has focused on preserving biological diversity, a critical component of healthy ecosystems. One aspect that gets less attention is the role of fishing fleet diversity. —> Read More Here

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