This Woman’s Powerful Video Shows Just How Terrifying Life With Narcolepsy Can Be

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Frustrated by just how difficult it was to explain her condition to others, a young woman decided to post a video on YouTube to show the world exactly what it’s like to have the chronic neurological disorder known as narcolepsy, which is characterized by uncontrollable daytime sleepiness.

“I have a condition called narcolepsy with cataplexy [sudden muscle weakness],” the woman wrote in the introduction to her video. “Many people have asked me what happens with this condition, or have jokingly said that they want to see me fall down or fall asleep because they think it would be funny to watch. It’s very hard to explain exactly what happens (and that it’s not funny) to someone who has never been around someone with narcolepsy before.”

“I am putting this video out there … in an attempt to explain,” she added.

The young woman says the footage was captured by accident one day while she was filming an instructional video for a traditional Japanese dance. The clip appears to capture her in various stages of a narcoleptic episode, from falling into a state of cataplexy to having moments that she called “mental bobble,” a phrase she uses to describe temporary —> Read More Here

Head Start program benefits parents

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Head Start programs may help low-income parents improve their educational status, according to a new study by Northwestern University researchers. The study is one of the first to examine whether a child’s participation in the federal program benefits mothers and fathers — in particular parents’ educational attainment and employment. —> Read More Here

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