Planet formation around binary star

Using ALMA, astronomers have taken a new, detailed look at the very early stages of planet formation around a binary star. Embedded in the outer reaches of a double star’s protoplanetary disk, the researchers discovered a striking crescent-shape region of dust that is conspicuously devoid of gas. This result, presented at the AAAS meeting in Washington, D.C., provides fresh insights into the planet-forming potential of a binary system. —> Read More

Incentivizing citizen science discovery for a sustainable world

As part of the symposium on Citizen Science and Information Technology, Carla P. Gomes will present on UDiscoverit, a program of Cornell University’s Institute for Computational Sustainability. The program seeks to accelerate scientific discovery by integrating citizen science data and crowdsourced information into advanced computational models and algorithms.How are scientists seeking to inspire volunteers and fellow scientists to develop global efforts? —> Read More

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