New Studies, Reports Heighten Need for Action on Climate Change

For years our Congress has ignored humans’ impact on climate change.

Many members of Congress have used terms like “pseudoscience” and ignored the fact that 97 percent of scientists studying the issue have concluded that climate change is real, that its impact will significantly worsen with time and that human activity is the principal cause.

It is about time for Congress to address the issue and pass legislation that provides an innovative approach to both mitigating and adapting to climate change. Ignorance, benign neglect and self-interest need to be overcome. That is what leadership is all about.

Consider: The state of New York, through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), recently released a report titled “Responding to Climate Change in New York State: The ClimAID Integrated Assessment for Effective Climate Change Adaptation.” The report was prepared for NYSERDA by researchers from Columbia University, the City University of New York and Cornell University. The findings are both predictable and sobering.

The study reviewed the impact of climate change on seven geographic areas of New York state in the areas of water resources, coastal zones, ecosystems, agriculture, energy, transportation, telecommunications and public health. The report states, “Temperatures are —> Read More Here

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