Bats use both sides of brain to listen — just like humans

Researchers have shown that, like humans, mustached bats use the left and right sides of their brains to process different aspects of sounds. Aside from humans, no other animal that has been studied, not even monkeys or apes, has proved to use such hemispheric specialization for sound processing — meaning that the left brain is better at processing fast sounds, and the right processing slow ones. —> Read More

Hawaii Telescope Website Taken Down In Apparent Cyberattack

HONOLULU (AP) — An apparent cyberattack Sunday temporarily disrupted the main website of Thirty Meter Telescope, the organization trying to construct one of the world’s largest telescopes near the summit of Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Thirty Meter Telescope spokeswoman Caroline Witherspoon confirmed that the company’s website suffered a disruption, but could not say who was responsible for the attack. She said the site was unavailable for about two hours.

“TMT today was the victim of an unscrupulous denial of service attack, apparently launched by Anonymous,” said Sandra Dawson, a spokeswoman for the project. “The incident is being investigated.”

The site was running normally as of Sunday evening.

Native Hawaiians consider the land on top of Mauna Kea to be sacred and have been opposing the telescope project. Hawaii Gov. David Ige recently arranged a halt in construction to further discuss the issue.

A blog site called Operation Green Rights, which claims to be affiliated with the hacker group Anonymous, posted images on its page Sunday claiming responsibility for the attack. The page included screen grabs of both the Thirty Meter Telescope website as well as the main website of the Hawaii state government indicating that both had been attacked.

Cindy McMillan, Ige’s director of communications, could not confirm the government’s sites were disrupted but had asked security personnel to investigate. All government sites were operational at the time of this report.

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New tool to evaluate next-generation tobacco and nicotine products

A new smoking-specific survey has been developed that is much better than a currently available general health questionnaire at discriminating between different types of ‘otherwise healthy’ smokers. This test could be useful in determining the potential health impact of next generation tobacco and nicotine products, like e-cigarettes, on smokers who switch and in understanding the potential short- and longer-term impact of health-related interventions, such as reducing or quitting smoking cigarettes. —> Read More

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