Neuroscientists identify new way several brain areas communicate

Neuroscientists have identified a new pathway by which several brain areas communicate within the brain’s striatum. The findings illustrate structural and functional connections that allow the brain to use reinforcement learning to make spatial decisions. Knowing how these specific pathways work together provides crucial insight into how learning occurs. It also could lead to improved treatments for Parkinson’s disease. —> Read More Here

First scientific publication from data collected at National Synchrotron Light Source II

Just weeks after NSLS-II achieved first light, a team of scientists tested a setup that yielded data on thermoelectric materials. To test the optical performance and components of the beamline, the scientists put a material in the path of the x-ray beam and attempted to characterize its structure as the best way to identify and fix possible flaws or aberrations that the instrument could have caused. —> Read More Here

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