It’s All About The Infrared At The Webb

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Feb 27, 2015

Using infrared light, the Webb telescope will be able to look farther back in time than previous telescopes, and will allow scientists to look through dust to see stars forming inside. Paul Geithner provides insight on why the Webb telescope focuses on the infrared.

b>Q: Why Build the James Webb Space Telescope? /b>

b>Paul: /b> Because there are a lot of secrets that the universe c —> Read More Here

Argentina welcomes first Chinese satellite tracking station outside China

Moscow, Russia (Sputnik) Feb 27, 2015

Argentina is to become the location of the first Chinese satellite tracking station outside the country the newspaper La Manana De Cordoba reported on Thursday.

The Argentine National Congress has approved the bill ratifying economic and technological cooperation between Argentina and China, including the construction of a Chinese satellite tracking station in Argentina’s Neuquen province, —> Read More Here

A solution to the puzzle of the origin of matter itself

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Feb 26, 2015

Most of the laws of nature treat particles and antiparticles equally, but stars and planets are made of particles, or matter, and not antiparticles, or antimatter. That asymmetry, which favors matter to a very small degree, has puzzled scientists for many years.

New research by UCLA physicists, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, offers a possible solution to the mystery of t —> Read More Here

Suicide rates rising for older US adults

Suicide rates for adults 40-64 years of age in the US have risen about 40 percent since 1999, with a sharp rise since 2007. One possible explanation could be the detrimental effects of the economic downturn of 2007-2009, leading to disproportionate effects on house values, household finances, and retirement savings for that age group. Researchers found that external economic factors were present in 37.5 percent of all completed suicides in 2010, rising from 32.9 percent in 2005. —> Read More Here

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