Paleontologists Reveal Body Mass of World’s Most Complete Specimen of Stegosaurus stenops

The well-preserved 150-million-year-old specimen of the herbivorous dinosaur Stegosaurus stenops – now in the Natural History Museum, London, UK – would have weighed 1,560 kg in life, similar to the size of a small rhino, according to a group of paleontologists led by Dr Charlotte Brassey from the Museum’s Department of Earth Sciences. Calculating body [...] —> Read More Here

Determining recipes for some of the world’s oldest preserved beers

Some breweries have taken to resurrecting the flavors of ages past. Adventurous beer makers are extrapolating recipes from clues that archeologists have uncovered from old and even ancient brews found at historical sites. Now scientists have analyzed some of the oldest preserved beer samples from an 1840s’ shipwreck to try to provide insight into how they were made. They report their findings in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry. —> Read More Here

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