10 Essential Accessories for the Drone Traveler

The latest in the Drones and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Series, in which Kike profiles interesting information, research and thoughts on using drones, UAVs and remotely piloted vehicles for journalism and photography.

As the sUAV industry keeps on growing, drones are becoming ubiquitous tools for photographers, journalists, travelers and explorers. The following is a list of essential items every drone pilot should have.

National Geographic Creative photographer Kike Calvo testing some gear in Madrid for his book So You Want to Create Maps Using Drones. Photo © Nano Calvo

1. Remote Control Wind Protection: Allows you to operate your remote control in cold and windy environments, making it possible to fly in difficult weather conditions. It will also help to avoid the rapid discharge of the battery.

2. Portable Solar Recharging Kit: You can directly charge your smartphone in about an hour. It comes with a USB Power Pack to charge AA and AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries. Full charge will allow you to recharge your phone 1-3 times per charge. It also works with iPads and other tablets.


3. Personal GPS Tracker: Track your drone via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM 2G cellular reception exits. Highly accurate current location and one year of history. First year is free, and then a low fee is charge after the 12-month period included is over. Besides tracking your drone, you can add a luggage tracker to your list. It allows you to check to see what city your luggage is in and help find it in case it gets lost.
Personal tracker
4. Airflow Meter: Using an app for your smartphone, the environmental meter connects using Bluetooth. The ABM sensors allow you to accurately measure and record —> Read More