10 Hidden Gems From a Year in Exploration

Sunlight helps warm the trail. Photo: Sean Gerrity

Every year, the National Geographic Society supports hundreds of explorers as they seek to increase our understanding of the world and all that’s in it.

They hack through jungles, get up close with wild animals, dive the depths of the sea, experience little-known cultures, unearth the remains of life from the ancient past, and they share it as it happens, revealing what it’s like to live the life of an explorer, here on the Explorers Journal blog.

While many stories make their way to front page headlines and record-breaking social posts, many more become lost treasures in their own right.

Here are 10 hidden gems from among the hundreds of stories and reflections shared by National Geographic explorers this year.

In Praise of Silence

A quiet morning hike made more peaceful in Big Sky country. (Photo by Sean Gerrity)

Slovenia’s Winter Carnivale Draws a Woolly, Colorful Crowd

Kurents Gather in Kongresni Trg. (Photo by Riley A. Arthur)

2,100 Feet and Holding: Inside the Mind of a Submarine Pilot

The narrow conning tower hatch of Idabel is the only way in or out. Time to get cozy.
The narrow conning tower hatch of Idabel —> Read More Here


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