10 Keys to Being a Good Photographer


  1. Training:

Although photography is considered an art, and many people are born with the skills and talent to achieve good photographs, training in any field is essential. As David Griffin, the Director of Photography at National Geographic said in a speech in Washington, nowadays everyone has one or two large (great) photographs. However, to become a professional, one should be able produce and repeat photographic results again and again, no matter where one is working, the weather or one’s mood. It is also essential to know and understand the technical side, not to mention the aesthetic, which have been the parameters of different eras, it can be a very good tool to force and complement our talent, innate or not. We, as photographers can read books and attend exhibitions, gaining knowledge as autodidacts, as is the case of many, such as Sebastiao Salgado or I. As in most academic and artistic disciplines, it is important to continue studying throughout one’s entire career. Photographers today must be multidisciplinary professionals, slaking our thirst for knowledge from various fields that may not always be complementary. Sometimes, for many of us, we only train professionally once. A few days ago I wrote an article —> Read More Here


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