10 Spock Quotes That Took Us Where No One Has Gone Before


Without Spock, there would be no “Star Trek.” The Starship Enterprise’s part-Vulcan officer always captivated audiences with his wit and logic while knowing exactly how to keep Captain Kirk in check.

On Friday, Leonard Nimoy, the actor who made Spock famous, died at the age of 83. Now, looking back on his career, we fondly remember the times no one could have said it better than Spock.

In honor of Nimoy, here are 10 of Spock’s best quotes from “Star Trek”:

10. On change.

9. On sacrifice.

8. On critical moments.

7. Spock just being Spock.

6. When even he doesn’t understand.

Image: Giphy

5. … like when it comes to women.

4. On the difference between wanting and having.

3. On luck.

2. Fascinating!

1. And of course.

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