10 Years of Results: Inspiring Leadership and Transformative Actions in Global Cities


David Miller was C40 Chair 2008 to 2010 and Mayor of Toronto 2003-2010.

The C40 is an exceptional organization that brings together leadership from major cities around the world to take real and lasting action on climate change. From the very beginning, when I was asked as Mayor of Toronto to join the Board of the C40 in 2005, I knew Mayor Livingstone had an idea that was going to make a massive difference. Mayors of large cities that hold statutory responsibilities for large-scale infrastructure such as transportation systems, regional energy production, social housing, water and solid waste management can have a tremendous impact on both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking steps to address and forestall the sometimes devastating impacts of the climate change that has already begun. Bringing these mayors together — and through them the hundreds of millions of people they represent- remains an extremely powerful and effective mechanism towards halting climate change.

I was honored to become Chair of the C40 in 2008 and to serve through to the end of 2010 when Mayor Bloomberg took up the mantle. In the 2006 Toronto election I was re-elected with a strong mandate to act on climate change. My message throughout that election was “when national governments fail to act, cities can, and must, act.” This is the philosophy that I carried with me as I assumed the Chair of the C40. And I came to understand that it’s a belief strongly held by all C40 mayors.

For me, there were three critical imperatives during my tenure as C40 Chair:

  • Strengthen the C40 network.
  • Ensure the immense value of large cities taking action on climate change was understood by national governments and international organizations.
  • Expand knowledge sharing among cities to support climate change goals, including beginning to track progress as a group.

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