12 Amazing Things We Learned About The Human Body In 2015

The human body is a source of mystery. But every year, scientists get just a little better at understanding its secrets.

Of course, 2015 has been no different. In the past year, researchers have created better access to proven therapies, developed futuristic new technologies that may change the way we approach disease and even enacted more complete disease screening processes to keep us healthy.

Read on to learn more. Here’s to more scientific discoveries in 2016!


What We Learned About The Body In 2015

This Virus Can Cure Blindness

Your Brain Can Be ‘Spacey’ — Literally

A Simple Throat Swab Could

Diagnose Schizophrenia

People who have been blind since birth due to genetic conditions were able to sense light or even have near-normal levels of sight after being injected with a benign virus that carries “good” copies of a malformed gene into a subject’s retina. “The promise of gene therapy is that a very simple procedure — an injection that takes seconds — has the potential to restore vision for a lifetime,” said Joe Balintfy, a spokesman with the National Institutes of Health. READ MORE

Too much time away from the pull of earth’s gravity may make it harder for you to do simple tasks. A study of NASA astronauts who spent six months aboard the International Space Station found they had more difficulty doing things that required spacial reasoning and motor skills, like navigating an obstacle course, after their time in a microgravity environment. READ MORE.

People with schizophrenia tend to have higher levels of certain throat and mouth bacteria than people who do not live with the mental illness, according to pair of studies that include research from scientists at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The findings could —> Read More