12 Habits Of People Who Never Get Tired

If you’ve ever wanted to be that person — the one with seemingly limitless amounts of energy throughout the day, the one who’s never been accused of “looking tired,” the one who’s never uncaged a primal-sounding yawn in the middle of a meeting — you’re going to have to adopt some healthy sleep-related habits. If you think good sleep is achieved by resting your head on a pillow and closing your eyes, you are wrong.

To be a well-rested human being, you must fashion a routine that promotes energy throughout the day and sleepiness come sundown. This means acclimating to a proper bedtime, regulating your caffeine intake and maybe even investing in a few pairs of sleep socks. Check out the habits of well-rested people below, and start dreaming of better sleep.

Well-rested people don’t hit snooze.
The snooze button is a tired person’s worst enemy: It’s so very tempting, and offers some instant gratification, but will actually make you feel more tired throughout the day. The sleep caught after the first alarm sounds is disrupted sleep, not quality sleep. If you’re the type who sets the alarm early to enjoy —> Read More Here


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