12 New And Upcoming Nonfiction Books For Your Very Specific Interests

It’s that time again: The last traces of winter snow have (almost) finally retreated, tulips are sprouting and the ideas of whiling away hours in a park or finally taking that vacation are suddenly very appealing. And vacations mean, obviously, vacation books. (Plus, it might just change your life — did you know Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired to write “Hamilton” after picking up Ron Chernow’s biography of the same name for his own vacation? Just saying.)

Sure, there are plenty of breezy beach reads competing for real estate in your tote, but occasionally the amateur ornithologist/physicist/anthropologist/etc. within us all yearns for a curiosity-satisfying tome to crack open while stuffed in seat 6B. Consider these 12 just-released or upcoming titles for your informal education in between refills at the swim-up bar.

A Burglar’s Guide to the City by Geoff Manaugh

If you like: Thievery

When taking in the sights of a city, few people spend their time thinking about how they might case the joint. Architecture blog founder Manaugh will have you thinking differently on this journey through vaults, walls, tunnels and elevator shafts using actual heists and information from the likes of FBI special agents and reformed robbers as his backdrop.

Publication date: On sale now

Kill ‘Em and Leave by James McBride

If you like: Enigmatic icons

National Book Award winner McBride takes on a fellow James for this book — the legendary musician James Brown, that is. After receiving a tip about discovering the “real” Brown, the author embarks on a mission to get to the bottom of Brown’s history, revealing a tumultuous upbringing that doubles as a cross-section of American struggles and triumphs.

Publication date: On sale now

Neither Snow Nor Rain by Devin Leonard

If you like: The reliability of public services

Mail: how does it work, anyway? Leonard sets out to answer this —> Read More