12 Sports That Would Be Wildly Popular If People Knew They Existed


Now that The Fight of the Century is over, you’re probably in need of a new sport to obsess over. But instead of falling back into the expected, like football and basketball, might we suggest a game of soccer in which the ball is on fire? Throwing kids’ bikes across a field just because? Or maybe you’d be into watching people race shovels.

Don’t go back to old habits. Take up an interest in one of these sports.


What it is: Two teams face off in a single dragon boat, paddling with all their might against the other side in hopes of moving forward.

Why it’s great: It can be played in a pool — hello, Olympic committee — by paddlers, a group that is notoriously easy on the eyes.

Cheese Rolling

What it is: A bunch of people show up to chase a wheel of double Gloucester cheese down a hill.

Why it’s great: You could drive to the grocery store, pick out some cheese, wait in line and then drive all the way home to eat it with some dumb crackers. OR. Or you could throw your body down a frighteningly steep hill with sticks and spiders and weird dips in the ground just waiting for you to step on them and twist your ankle — there are injuries in cheese rolling — all to win a wheel of delicious cheese made by some cute octogenarian lady in England.

Flaming Tetherball

What it is: Tetherball, but not lame. Participants must wear protective gear and use tennis rackets instead of their bare hands with the main objective of keeping the ball (a roll of toilet paper set on fire) going back and forth as long as —> Read More