13 Photos To Remind Us How Amazing The Ocean Is


Did you know that 71% of the earth is covered by the ocean? Two thirds of which is still undiscovered in terms of wildlife. The ocean does a lot of amazing and essential things for us. Here’s a quick short list:

– Generates most of the oxygen we breathe
– Helps feed us
– Regulates our climate
– Produces oxygen
– Cleans the water we drink
– Offers a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines
– Provides homes for an incredible array of wildlife

If this isn’t enough to convince you how important it is for us to preserve the ocean as much as we can, check out these amazing Instagram photos that will.


2. @cully_kamisugi – A jelly fish off the coast of Tahiti.

3. @ocean_magazine – “One of the curious sea lions that populates the Galapagos Islands. They are very playful and fun to dive with.”

4. @daviddoubilet – “I photographed this image of stingrays, sun, sand and cloud a few days ago on #Sandbar on #GrandCaymanIsland. The stingrays gather here to greet thousands of tourists each day. The rays have become ocean ambassadors that welcome and educate people about the sea. Sandbar is an amazing stage with shifting light and soaring stingrays that fly past like flocks of birds.”

5. @jaypeeswing – A whale makes its way to the surface in Manila, Philippines.

6. @ocean_magazine – “Taken at Jellyfish Lake – a marine lake located in Eil Malk, which is part of Palau’s famous Rock Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These jellyfish populated marine basins thousands of years ago through rock fissures and gradually became isolated in an environment devoid of predators. In the absence —> Read More