4 Expert-Backed Truths About How Much Pee Is Too Much

Maybe you’re always begging for bathroom breaks on car trips. Maybe you wake up to tinkle twice every night. Maybe you’re just worried about the sheer amount of pee that flows from your body. Should you be concerned?

Not likely, according to the experts. Yes, too frequent urination, in combination with other symptoms, can be a sign of a medical problem. But there’s such a wide variance of acceptable urination levels, chances are you fall well within the norm.

The average human pees six or seven times per day, but Dr. Sven Wenske, a urologist with the Columbia University Medical Center, is wary of telling people these numbers. It’s more important, he says, to make sure your pee sensation feels healthy than to count the number of times you go.

1. You control more about your pee than you think.

Pee “is dependent on fluid intake,” Wenske told HuffPost.

A person who consumes five liters of water per day, for example, may have to pee 10 times, while someone who drinks less will only have to go three or four times. (Humans are generally advised to drink between 2.7 and 3.7 liters per day, though you can also gauge the level you need by your pee color. More on that later.)

The type of liquid you drink factors in, too: Coffee can irritate your bladder, Wenske says, making you have to pee more than if you were just drinking water. And older people have smaller bladders, which explains why grandma always has to pull over during road trips.

2. Still, you should listen to your bladder.

“When you’re getting up several times a night, feeling like you can’t empty your bladder completely, are straining [to get pee out] or experiencing pain, those are obvious symptoms —> Read More