4 Of The Coolest Health Innovations Of The Year Came From The Military


There’s a government division whose only job is to research and develop new technology that helps revolutionize the U.S. military. It’s called the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and while most of its scientific breakthroughs relate directly to warfare, DARPA scientists had a hand in creating major innovations that ended up improving everyone’s lives for the better: modern computing, GPS technology and voice-recognition capability (hello, Siri!).

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we’ve rounded up the coolest health-related DARPA projects of 2014 that (hopefully) have exciting applications for civilians, too.

1. This soft, lightweight exosuit mimics the actions of leg muscles and tendons.

Soldiers need to jump, squat, run and march while carrying very big packs on their back. This lightweight exosuit, which is like a wetsuit worn under a normal pair of pants, can help soldiers avoid injury by strengthening their ability to carry heavy loads. But the exosuit has more potential uses beyond warfare. In the video below, Conor Walsh, Ph.D. of Harvard’s Wyss Institute, describes how the suit could one day be used to help people with disabilities walk more smoothly and easily.

“With these systems, our goal is to apply —> Read More Here


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