4 Strategies NASA Used to Market the Moon


Becoming an astronaut was my biggest childhood dream. Who wrote it for me?

Like most kids, I wanted to be an astronaut. To compensate for geographical distance to Cape Canaveral (I grew up in small-town Germany), my best friend and I designed Apollo mission shirts, erected a replica of 2001’s famous monolith on our front lawn, transformed our door bell into a Hal 9000 front panel, and built a space observatory on the roof of our house.

Most people look at NASA as a space agency and at my childhood projects as natural activities. However, NASA is probably one of the most successful marketing agencies in the 20th century and my childhood is evidence of its enduring influence on society and individual biographies. Long before Steve Jobs did his meticulously planned product launches, NASA managed to enrol millions of people in one of the biggest science education projects known to man. And whereas Steve Jobs would get hung up on tiny little iPhones, NASA had a really bold innovation in stock: the Moon.

So how did NASA market the Moon? David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek provide some fascinating clues in their book Marketing the Moon (2014). In the following, I add —> Read More Here


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