5 Amazing Advances In Brain Research In 2014

2014, it could be said, was a big year for the brain. As The New York Times declared in February, the next frontier in science is “inside your brain” — and indeed, some neuroscience research was particularly noteworthy.

Though the human brain is still largely a mystery to us, slowly but surely, neuroscientists are coming to a deeper understanding of how it gives rise to consciousness, thought and emotion works. According to brain scientist Gary Marcus, what we’re seeing now is nothing short of a revolution in neuroscience.

“There’s never been a more exciting moment in neuroscience than now,” Marcus wrote in the preface to his compilation, The Future Of The Brain: Essays By The World’s Leading Neuroscientists, published last month. “At present, neuroscience is a collection of facts, still awaiting an overarching theory; if there has been plenty of progress, there is even more that we don’t know. But a confluence of new technologies… may change that.”

Look no further than President Obama’s comparison of mapping the brain to the “space race” of the 1960s, during an announcement of his BRAIN Initiative. The White House’s ambitious multimillion-dollar research effort to develop new technologies for exploring the brain —> Read More Here


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