5 Benefits Of Being A Curious Person

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Curiosity killed the cat? Not exactly. Evidence continues to emerge about the benefits of being an inquisitive, interested person. Not only does staying wide-eyed about the world make life more fun, it also has a number of surprising benefits.

Here are five reasons why curiosity is great.

It can strengthen your relationships.

Your curiosity about people and the world around you can make your social life richer. If you demonstrate an interest in what someone has to say and maintain many of your own interests that you can discuss, people probably enjoy spending time with you.

“Curious people are often considered good listeners and conversationalists,” Ben Dean, Ph.D. wrote in a newsletter for the University of Pennsylvania. “In the early stages of a relationship, we tend to talk about our interests or hobbies. One reason for this is that people tend to equate ‘having many interests’ with ‘interesting,’ and for good reason. Curious people tend to bring fun and novelty into relationships.”

It can help protect your brain.
Ever heard that crossword puzzles may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Craving new experiences doesn’t hurt either.

Keeping your brain mentally stimulated is a lifelong enterprise,” David Knopman, a professor —> Read More Here


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