5 Totally Obscure Facts About Monopoly


It’s the 80th anniversary of the iconic board game Monopoly. Yes, the “world’s favorite family gaming brand” is older than some of our grandparents.

It seems Monopoly was always a hit — even in its early days. Parker Brothers released the game in the U.S. in 1935, and within a year 35,000 copies were being made each week.

Even if you’ve been playing Monopoly for eight decades, we bet you still don’t know these five things about it:

1. The first version of Monopoly was invented by a woman.

While Charles Darrow is credited with inventing the famous Parker Brothers board game, a woman should actually be given credit for creating the concept the game is based on.

In a story for Smithsonian Magazine, Mary Pilon, author of a book on the history of Monopoly, says that in 1904 a woman named Lizzie Magie received a patent for a Monopoly-like game she had invented. Her Landlord’s Game consisted of a “square board with nine rectangular spaces on each side,” according to Pilon’s story. The players had to circle around the board, buying properties and railroads and paying rent. There were even two corners with instructions to —> Read More Here


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