5-Year-Old Mental Giant Is Also Telepathic, Mom Claims

By almost any measure, 5-year-old Ramses Sanguino is a gifted child.

The Los Angeles-based lad is learning seven different languages, including Japanese and Russian, and can solve algebraic equations.

A video posted on YouTube shows Ramses correctly spelling “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocon­iosis,” the longest English word in the Oxford English Dictionary, forward and backward.

Extraordinary as that sounds, his proud mother, artist Nyx Sanguino, believes her brainy son may also possess the ability to read her mind.

Sanguino claims her mini mental giant is able to correctly guess numbers she’s written in secret, sometimes as many as 38 in a row.

“We do have a very close bond which may have something to do with his abilities — but this is beyond anything I would have imagined,” she told Barcroft TV. “I don’t know how to explain it.”

Ramses has autism, and Dr. Diane Powell, a neuroscientist and former Harvard Medical School faculty member, believes the alleged telepathy may provide clues that will help parents to connect with their autistic kids.

“If you have your primary language compromised, then that would be a perfect setup for telepathy, because here you have a child and a parent who desperately want to communicate with one another,” Powell said, according to the Independent.

The scientific consensus toward telepathy is that the evidence is anecdotal, not scientific, reports LiveScience. But it may be feasible, according to a 2014 paper published in PLOS One.

Researchers were repeatedly able to transmit signals from one person’s brain via the Internet, that were able to control the hand motions of another person within a fraction of a second.

However, another 2014 paper, also published in PLOS One, suggested there is no such thing as extrasensory perception, or a so-called —> Read More