6 Fresh Engineering Design Competitions for College Students


Like with any college program, it is important to balance what you are learning in the classroom to actually applying all those theoretical concepts. Engineering is the career area that likely requires the most hands-on learning. After all, do we want civil engineering students building bridges if they’ve only seen the equations for soil mechanics? Do we want aeronautical engineers constructing aircraft after they’ve only taken tests on airfoil? There’s a reason companies want to see internships and experience on resumes. Though there are a variety of engineering-based college competitions, challenges and contests to join, the six listed below are some particularly clever or interesting ones.

1.) International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition

Students and their quarter-sized tractors. Photo Credits belong to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

While these college students are not yet building those gigantic Cats you see crawling through construction sites, they are the minds primed to one day do just that.

In this competition (sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers), students are given an engine and four tires. That’s it. The rest of the quarter-sized tractor design is up to them. They are not solely tested on the design either, but also on the manufacturability, the safety, and even the loudness of their tractor. Competitions consist of students actually making a sell to mock corporate management teams and two performance tests to assess the durability of their tractor.

2.) Formula SAE

The Formula SAE team from University of Arlington Texas testing their car. All photo credits belong to the team.

Many of us can only dream of being near racecars, much less designing them. For many college engineering students, this dream is a reality. Organized by the Society of Automatize Engineers, the SAE Formula One competition —> Read More