6 Incredible Skills You Were Born To Do

As scientists learn more about human nature, they’ve made some remarkable discoveries about skills and traits that we may be born with.

A new study published last month in the journal Royal Society Open Science suggests that the ability to teach — whether we’re showing a young niece how to tie her shoes or instructing an entire geometry class — is a vital and ingrained aspect of human nature.

The research contradicts previously held theories that teaching as we understand it — as the passing of detailed, instructional knowledge from one person to another — is a modern invention, according to Dr. Barry Hewlett, a professor of anthropology at Washington State University-Vancouver and lead author of the study.

“It is pervasive in the lives of so many in the world today, it is important to know if it is an invention of the modern world or is part of human nature,” Hewlett, who has been analyzing examples of teaching in the hunter-gatherer communities of the Aka people in central Africa, told The Huffington Post.

He noted that, of course, culture can play a big role in our teaching abilities. “Very few human behaviors are the result of only human nature (biology) or only culture,” Hewlett said. “They are the result of interactions between them.”

Natural teaching abilities aren’t the only skill that scientists believe to be universal. Scroll down to learn five ways that you’re more skilled than you probably thought.

1. Safety Skills

Scientists have long known that our bodies have amazing natural reflexes that help keep us safe in dangerous situations, from jumping when someone startles us to jerking our hands back when we touch hot surfaces.

Something even more extraordinary happens when infants are submerged in water. It’s called the mammalian diving reflex, and it involves an —> Read More