6 Questionable Health Trends We’d Like To Leave Behind In 2015

As the year comes to a close, it’s time for one of our favorite traditions, saying goodbye to questionable health trends we’d like to leave behind in 2015.

While the year brought promise in certain areas — we moved away from fad diets; the U.S. surgeon general endorsed walking as exercise; and the phrase “harm reduction” became a buzzword — there were also some major letdowns. So in the spirit of Festivus, we’re airing our grievances.

Here are six health trends that have sorely disappointed us over the past 365 days:

1. Calling pleasurable foods ‘crack’

As members of the media, we’ll take some responsibility for hyperbole on the Internet. The truth though, is that it might be entertaining to play up your love of foods (like cheese) by comparing them to addictive substances (like crack cocaine), it’s a scientifically inaccurate comparison, not to mention mildly offensive to individuals who are suffering from addiction. Just don’t go there.

2. Comparing every unhealthy activity to smoking

Remember the great bacon freakout of 2015? How about when people said sitting was as bad as smoking? When sleeping too much was compared to puffing on a cigarette?

While we endorse making healthy lifestyle choices — we could all benefit from being more active, cutting down on processed meats and practicing healthy sleep habits — the fear mongering has to stop.

Smoking is a documented public health hazard, resulting in more American deaths each year than alcohol, car accidents, suicide, AIDS, homicide and illegal drugs combined, according to the American Cancer Society. Until someone reports numbers like that for bacon, sleep and office work, we’ll continue to enjoy them in moderation.

3. Placenta eating

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