6 Social Media Tips from the Top BioTech and BioPharma Social Experts


If there is any undertaking whose fruits should be freely accessible, that undertaking is surely access to public information about life sciences. Ethically, patients and physicians who wish to should be able to find and read about advances in life sciences with minimal effort. Barriers to that freedom should be eliminated.

Social and mobile technologies have changed the way the world communicates, making it possible to bring together people from around the world for conversations that could not have happened previously. These conversations have the ability to drive collaboration and advancement in so many different arenas. As someone whose family has been affected, as so many have, by diseases like diabetes and cancer, the potential for social engagement to drive awareness and innovation in science and health is of paramount importance.

In the fields of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, where advancements have the potential to improve or even save millions of lives, I got the chance to ask some of the top social Biotech influencers how they built a following and shared information about the industry despite strict FDA guidelines about social media.

Seeing how these influencers utilize social and mobile technology is inspiring. Whether it’s driving —> Read More Here


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