7 Awesome Images of Light from 2015


We are intimately connected with light in countless ways. From the practical (think of life without photosynthesis or heat from the Sun) to the convenient (modern technologies ranging from communication to health), light is part of our every day lives in a host of different ways.

In May of 2015, NASA captured these images of a solar flare (note the bright flash on the left). Each image shows a different kind of ultraviolet light that helps scientists to better understand the flare’s choreography of energy and matter. Credit: NASA/SDO/Wiessinger

Light is much more than we can see with the human eye. Light encompasses radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays. These different categories have a multitude of properties and capabilities, but they are all forms of light.

This week, the United Nations’ International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL) will officially come to a close with ceremonies in Merida, Mexico. The efforts of IYL have reached millions of people worldwide with the messages of the amazing things that light can do for science and society.

To commemorate the end of this special year, we’ve gathered what we consider to be some of the most spectacular images of light that we’ve seen during IYL. This year might be over, but our bond with light goes on.

Imaging live blood vessels

In the quest to image blood moving through a body in real time, researchers developed a technique of injecting small gas bubbles into the bloodstream of a rat and tracking them using certain wavelengths of light. Eventually, this type of research could help improve medical diagnostics at hospitals for life-threatening illnesses. Credit: ESPCI/INSERM/CNRS (source)

Flight path of fireflies
Most living things on Earth do not produce their —> Read More