7 Ways Science Can Make You Happier, Smarter and More Successful


Science can make you more awesome.

Yes, really! It can make you happier, smarter AND more successful.


If you’re a super science geek like me, then you are super turned on right now. So, let’s keep going…

Science Porn:

I decided to do a fun round-up of all the science experiments that have turned on some area of my life. I hope these studies and tips will help make you more awesome too!

1. How to Motivate Someone

What motivates people the most to meet their goals?

  • Financial Rewards

  • Compliments

  • Progress

  • Competition

Want your kid to clean out the garage? Offer them an allowance. Want an employee to do better? Give them a bonus. This is how most people think about incentives and motivation, but science says that financial rewards are poor motivator for success. The real motivator: Progress! Whether you are talking to your teenager, your spouse or your employee, highlight their progress to help them keep going. Instead of saying what they have to do next, talk about what they did already. When giving a compliment, highlight specific tasks already achieved. Don’t talk about how little they have left; talk about how far they have come!

Harness the power of small wins by being a hero of progress.

2. How to Wake-Up in a Good Mood

How do you sleep? (most people have no idea that their position affects their mood!)

  • on your back

  • curled up in the fetal position

  • on your stomach

  • always different

Forty percent of people sleep in the fetal position! Researchers have found that this position is adopted by highly emotional and sensitive people — more than twice as many women sleep in this position compared to men! However, when we take up less space we feel less capable. When you stretch in the morning, it —> Read More