8 Health Risks Of Sleeping Too Much

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It’s a little hard to believe there’s such a thing as sleeping too much, since so many of us feel like it’s a struggle to even get barely enough.

But it’s true: You can overdo it on sleep.

While it’s tough to pinpoint the “just right” amount, most adults need between seven and nine hours a night to feel and function their best.

Regularly logging more than nine hours of sleep a night may be a sign of an underlying medical condition, but it also puts you at risk for a whole host of health concerns. Here are some of the biggest risks of catching too many Zzs.

Sleeping too much can raise depression risk.
In a 2014 study of adult twins, researchers found that long sleep duration increased a person’s risk of depression symptoms. The study participants who slept between seven and nine hours a night had a 27 percent heritability of depressive symptoms, while those who slept nine hours or more had a 49 percent heritability.

It could impair the brain.
A 2012 study found that among elderly women, sleeping too much (or too little) worsened brain function over a six-year period. Women who slept more than nine hours —> Read More Here


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