8 Rare ‘House, M.D.’ Cases That Can Actually Happen (And How To Avoid Them)

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“House, M.D.,” starring Hugh Laurie as a pill-popping genius, was conceived as the medical version of “Sherlock Holmes” and ran for eight seasons on Fox. Sunday, Nov. 16, marked the 10-year anniversary of the premiere. Though it’s easy to look back on the show and focus on some of the unbelievable details of the cases, it might surprise you to learn that “House” was actually much more realistic than you thought.

Yeah, the odds of all these rare medical cases coming to one hospital in New Jersey are pretty slim, but a variety of sources — including Andrew Holtz, former CNN Medical Correspondent and author of Medical Science of House, M.D. — have stated that many of the cases were built around real science. Holtz explained to the “House, M.D.” guide site:

While the cases are highly improbable (and that’s putting it mildly), they are not completely impossible. Of course, often what appears as one case is really a combination of strange features from several real cases.

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Though some of the diseases on “House” would be more common in other countries, the fact that they occurred in the United States adds to the —> Read More Here


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