9 College Courses That Will Have You Geeking Out And Rethinking Your Major


Colleges across the country are getting creative with their curriculum. Each year, universities are inspiring new generations of students to debate the meaning of symbolism in literature by reading the Harry Potter series and to learn about engineering and robotics by playing with Legos. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) departments in particular are turning over a new leaf and embracing unconventional methods to increase student interest.

We’re hitting the books with Emerson to bring you a list of dynamic and inspiring courses in STEM that will make you forget that you’re actually acquiring impressive skills and a top-rate education. In fact, they might even motivate you to go to class.

1. Street-Fighting Mathematics – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
While the students don’t actually get the chance to spar, they do learn “the art of guessing results and solving problems without doing a proof or an exact calculation.” It provides student with real-world mathematical applications to take on the world and their futures. Think of the streets as the many practical mathematical problems you face outside the classroom, and your weapons are the skills acquired in this class to overcome them.

2. Science from Superheroes to Global Warming – University of California, Irvine

Comic book fans, rejoice: The folks at UC Irvine have answered your pleas and offer a course that tackles important questions like how Superman flies and explains the workings of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. According the course description, students examine case studies drawn from “superheroes, movies, and real world issues such as global warming.” It’s a classic bait and switch, pulling you in with Spider-Man but really giving you environmental science. But we’re not mad; at least there are movies.

3. The Joy of Garbage —> Read More