A Comet’s Tale – Rosetta’s Philae, Five Days from Touchdown

Rosetta, the scientific mission to explore a comet’s surface. “Ambition”, a short Sci-Fi film, set in the near future, and Rosetta, the children’s fable, to encourage the next generations to undertake the great space adventures still to come. (Photo Credits: ESA, Platige Image, ESA Communications)

In the recently released Rosetta short film called “Ambition”, the master begins a story to his apprentice – “Once upon a time.” The apprentice immediately objects to his triteness. But he promises that it is worth the slight tribulation. Who could have imagined ten years ago that Rosetta would become so successful in two such contrasting approaches to telling a tale.

The Rosetta mission is part franchise and part scientific mission. In five days, Rosetta will reach a crossroad, a point of no return as epic as moments in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. A small mindless little probe called Philae will be released on a one-way trip to the surface of a comet. Win or lose, Philae will live on in the tale of a comet and a mission to uncover the mysteries of our planet’s formation.

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