A Letter to the Washington Space Establishment


My dear Washington space establishment,

There’s never a good time for such things, but we need to talk.

You know I care a lot about you. You were so great when we first started our romance. In fact you made me who I am today. Back then you were so bold, so vibrant and alive, but you began to go in circles; you started spending our money on expensive toys you just threw away, making big promises but never delivering what I needed – a real future. And while you helped me rise up from nothing, now, well, now I’ve grown. I’m finding my own path. And unless things change I’ll have to leave you. It doesn’t have to happen. We can make it work. If you’ll just try to understand me…

While you’ve wasted a lot of our time and money on dead ends, I still have hopes for you. While anyone else might look at what you’ve done — the lies, the smoke and mirrors, the way you would sometimes dress up our future so nicely and then go out and cheat on it with someone who only wanted our money — and walk away, I want to give it another go.

I mean, just last fall you wrote and signed that note giving me what I need to be me, telling me I can go out there and do what I need to do and you will support me all the way. It gives me hope.

Call me a dreamer, but I think this relationship can be salvaged.

After all, it is a new year.

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