A Modest Proposal


Whenever I give a talk about global warming, the question asked most often is, “Isn’t the population explosion the root cause of our problems?” The answer is, “Partially.” Carbon dioxide emissions, which are the main cause of global warming, depend on the number of people emitting CO2 times the CO2 emission per person. The problem can be solved by reducing the number of people, or by reducing the emissions per person (mitigation: by people conserving (using less energy), using energy more efficiently, or moving to renewable energy technology, such as wind and solar that do not emit CO2). Carbon geoengineering (CDR – carbon dioxide reduction) is too expensive and would only slowly reduce global warming (1). Solar geoengineering (SRM – solar radiation management) (2), by continuous production of a stratospheric cloud or by brightening clouds over the ocean to reflect sunlight would produce so many dangerous side effects that the world could never come to an agreement on how to implement it (3). The technology to do geoengineering does not even exist, and there are serious doubts if it is even possible to create a thick enough stratospheric cloud (4).

The 21st Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change will meet in Paris in December 2015, and may take small moves toward mitigation, but so far there have been no global meaningful moves to reduce CO2 emissions, or even the rate of increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore, in the spirit of Jonathan Swift (5), I have concluded that the only solution to global warming is population reduction.

The most efficient method of quickly reducing the global population, and solving the global warming problem, is by nuclear war. A nuclear war between the United States —> Read More