A New Species of Chameleon on Mt. Namuli

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The granite dome of Namuli rises out of the Muretha plateau. (Photo by Michele Menegon)

Being so totally disconnected from a regular nine-to-five, Monday–Friday schedule, time loses meaning out in Africa’s “sky-island” rain forests. Though we had at first been greeted with the devastation of slash-and-burn farms on Mt. Namuli, we found a portion of remaining forest to begin our search for new species. One day, although I knew it was my turn to head downstream, I had no idea what the date was, and only a vague idea of what day of the week it was. Only my small notebook where I forced myself to scratch down tidbits allowed me to keep any sense on the passage of time. It was Thursday. I would spend one night at the satellite camp, and it was my only chance to find what I was so hoping to find on this mountain.

I suspected there could be an unknown species of chameleon in the genus Nadzikambia on Namuli. At least one chameleon species (Rhampholeon tilburyi) is already known to exist there. This is a small leaf chameleon that was formally described in 2014, although we had known of its existence for many years, —> Read More Here


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