A TEDx Talk Celebrating Scientists and Exploring the Technological Future of Beauty


Zoltan Istvan speaking at TEDxTransmedia in Geneva — Photo by Lisa Lemée, TEDxTransmedia

I recently was the closing speaker at the 5th annual TEDxTransmedia event, held in Geneva, Switzerland. My speech was titled The Beauty of Being Alive, and the first half of that talk has already been published here at The Huffington Post. But now I wanted to share the second part, which explores the people I consider the most beautiful in the world. It also discusses the future of beauty as we progress into a more technologically advanced and digital world. Here’s the condensed version of the second half of the speech:

While I have already told you about my most beautiful experience in life, I also want to tell you about the people I consider the most beautiful in the world. Given my passion for transhumanism, I’m betting you can guess who those people are. To me, scientists, researchers, and those in medicine are the most beautiful people in the world. In fact, those scientists, researchers, and health professionals who work on keeping all of us alive are all brilliant works of art themselves. They are the true artists of the universe, constantly working on —> Read More Here


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