A Termite’s-Eye-View of Elephants at Victoria Falls


Ten years ago, Charles Brightman, a professional safari guide from Victoria Falls, came up with the idea of constructing a unique hide right on the edge of the famous waterhole in front of Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe.

Siduli Hide was designed to look like a termite mound, and after completion allowed onlookers to conceal themselves and wait for wildlife from the adjacent Zambezi National Park to come to the water’s edge, just several feet from the hide.

In early March, photographer Claire Wright had a number of opportunities to photograph elephants from the low vantage of the hide, as the animals came down to the waterhole to drink in the late afternoon dust. Here are some of the best photos:

Elephants moving down to Suduli Hide to drink, with the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in the background. Photo by Claire Wright
An elephant basking in the afternoon light. Photo by Claire Wright
Close up shot of an elephant’s eye from Siduli Hide. Photo by Claire Wright

“Being so close––literally at ground level––yet so safe in the company of a Professional guide, with your camera at the same height as an elephant’s feet, is breathtaking.”

Straight on. Photo by Claire Wright
An elephant bull enjoying a midday session at the waterhole. Photo by Claire Wright
Photo by Claire Wright

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