A Theory for Momentum Exchange

One of the few unexplored frontiers of legacy physics is momentum exchange. Conservation of momentum unlike conservation of energy, does not take many forms. At least not that we know of. It appears to be so simple a formula that no one has attempted to explore a theoretical approach to this physics. This situation is so dire, that conservation of momentum exchange is used as a necessary axiom or assumption in all physical theories.

Why do we need this physics? Because if we are to become an interstellar civilization, we need to once and for all prove or disprove that conservation of momentum is only a simple knocking heads (had another term but that did not sound right) formula. How could propellant-less interstellar propulsion, take us to the stars if momentum exchange cannot be bypassed?

Quoting Prof. Martin Tajmar,

Only the concept of the photon rocket may be seen as a true, propellantless propulsion system as it converts onboard electric power into directed radiation that in turn produces thrust.

Prof. Martin Tajmar’s investigation into the EMDrive is an excellent example of experimental physics investigating the unknown or not fully understood, and possibly new physics. Ruling out thermal effects as a source for thrust while recognizing magnetic damping as a mechanism interfering with the experimental measurements. It is an example of the meticulousness required to eliminate experimental errors, and continue the dialog required between experimental and theoretical physics. For those of you interested in what it takes to do experimental physics – apparently boring until you get your hands dirty, and wow, the Universe changes in front of you – his paper is a must read.

Quoting the cautious Prof. Martin Tajmar,

The thrusts observed with the oil-damped torsion balance were close to the —> Read More