Acrobatic Leopard Raids Eagle’s Nest in Samburu


While on a game drive in the Samburu National Reserve in north-central Kenya, we came across a leopard relaxing in the forked branches of a tree on the banks of the muddy Ewaso Nyiro River.

She was fast asleep in the branches, and after some time photographing the lazy animal, we prepared to move on.

But just as we started the land cruiser, the leopard stood up and began to stretch on her perch.

“Let’s wait a bit to see what she does,” said our guide, Jacob, from the nearby Sasaab Lodge, where we were staying for the weekend.

The leopard made the usual sleepy cat movements – taking forever to get up – but once she was fully stretched, she peered up at the top of the tree, and then suddenly jumped up on the branch above.

The nimble creature then walked all the way across the thin branch that was parallel to the ground, and at one point she was standing directly above another Land Cruiser, looking as though she would jump on board.

But she looked upward again, and it was soon obvious what she was focusing on – something right at the top of the tree. It was a raptor’s nest with a large eagle inside it.

The leopard navigated her way back across the branch, and then quickly moved further up the tree. She kept climbing, and climbing, from one branch to the next, until she was right at the very top of the tree, just below the nest.




Inside the nest, the eagle that had now noticed that the leopard was just below, and was clearly unhappy about the situation.

There was a brief standoff – where the eagle would not leave the nest, and —> Read More