Africa’s Last Tropical Glaciers: Watch for Free


“Snows of the Nile” a short film by National Geographic Young Explorers Grantee Neil Losin and fellow filmmaker and explorer Nate Dappen has received third place in the Action4Climate documentary contest. The film was one of 230 contest entries from 70 countries. To celebrate the award and the culmination of their work on it, Neil and Nate are releasing it free-to-watch on Vimeo (you can also view it at the top of this post).

The film was made on an expedition to reach the glacial origins of the Nile River, high in the mountains of equatorial Africa. The journey was made possible when the pair won the first-ever “Stay Thirsty Grant” from Dos Equis. We talked with Neil to find out more about the expedition, the film, and what it’s meant for the adventurous duo.

What’s your perspective on the film now after the award and after some time has passed?

NL: I think if you ask any filmmaker about a past project, they’ll be able to come up with some things they wish they’d done differently. This project is the same—there were some lovely moments that we just didn’t film very well, and so they didn’t end up —> Read More Here


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