After A Miscarriage, Mom Encourages Others To ‘Talk About The Baby’

After opening up about her experience with pregnancy loss and helping to break the silence around the topic, mom and filmmaker Ann Zamudio has a new project that she hopes will continue the conversation and comfort others who have dealt with miscarriage — as well as stillbirth and infertility.

Zamudio, who blogs for The Huffington Post, is trying to raise money to create a documentary called “Don’t Talk About the Baby” — which will feature couples sharing their stories of pregnancy loss, stillbirth and fertility struggles. “While each of those topics carry their own set of challenges and emotional hardships, they tend to be tied by one thread — silence,” she writes on the film’s Kickstarter campaign page. To break this silence, Zamudio invites anyone to submit their own story for consideration for the the documentary through the official website and social media channels.

The director was inspired by her own experience after her first pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage. “I was so surprised when I was inundated with stories from friends and family who told me they’d gone through the same thing,” she told The Huffington Post. “These were people who, just weeks earlier, had smiled and celebrated with me. Why hadn’t they said this was a possibility? Why was it such a secret?”

“I became passionate about making a change in my social circle, and spreading awareness about pregnancy loss, so that no one else that I knew would feel so blindsided,” she added. After her miscarriage, Zamudio became very active in pregnancy loss and infertility communities. “I saw there was a very real need for men and women to be able to tell their stories in their communities, but there were so many cultural —> Read More