After Flight with Capt. Bud

Volunteer pilot Bud Sittig. image: Ivan Gabaldon/LightHawk
Volunteer pilot Bud Sittig. image: Ivan Gabaldon/LightHawk

Photographer Ivan Gabaldón interviews volunteer pilot Bud Sittig in this second installment of Gabaldón’s guest blog from Ride Into Birdland.

On the night of our second day I get together with Captain “Bud” to learn more about his experience as an aviator and the work he does with Lighthawk. The ensuing conversation is worth sharing, along with more images, with all of you here. I give you Captain Lawrence “Bud” Sittig.

Ivan Gabaldon: Hello Captain Bud. Please tell us a little about your experience as a pilot.

Lawrence “Bud” Sittig: I’ve been flying for over 50 years. I started flying as a teenager, grew up in General Aviation –that is flying small planes– and then during my college years got all of my gradings, commercial pilot gradings, and became a flight instructor. Then after college I entered the military, I was trained in the United States Air Force and flew jet fighters, a passion which continued for some 31 years in the International Guard of the United States Air Force. Also I was hired into the airline industry and flew as a Captain with Delta Airlines for about 30 years, retiring just a few years ago. Now I’m back to General Aviation, flying smaller airplanes. I own my own airplane, a Beechcraft Bonanza, but I do a lot of flying with Lighthawk.

I.G. Before we go into LightHawk, tell us a bit more about some of the aircraft you’ve flown in your life.

L.S. I started in small airplanes, Cessnas, Beechcrafts and Pipers, and then when I went into the Air Force of course the airplanes became much more sophisticated, high-speed jet fighters, you move from little airplanes to traveling super-sonic, faster than the speed of sound, with very sophisticated weapons delivery systems. And then I joined —> Read More