Air Pollution From Northern Hemisphere Reduced Central America’s Rainfall, Study Suggests

br>By Alister Doyle
OSLO, Feb 9 (Reuters) – Air pollution tied to industrialisation in the northern hemisphere almost certainly reduced rainfall over Central America in new evidence that human activity can disrupt the climate, a study suggested on Monday.
“We identify an unprecedented drying trend since 1850,” the scientists wrote in the journal Nature Geoscience after studying the rate of growth since 1550 of a stalagmite found in a cave in the tiny nation of Belize.
Stalagmites are pointed rocks formed by mineral-rich water dripping from the cavern roof.
The experts, from Britain, the United States, Switzerland and Germany, said the drying in Belize “coincides with increasing aerosol emissions in the northern hemisphere” as the Industrial Revolution pushed up fossil fuel use. —> Read More Here


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