An Exploration of Physics Logic

Physics is by consensus! In gravitational theories we have three accords, Relativity, Strings & Quantum (RSQ) theories. Like a board of directors, the physics community, based on empirical evidence, agree to disagree on how Nature works. Nature, herself, has only one vote, and it is a veto.

The gravitational constant G is the one thing that Einstein inherited from Newton and my discovery of the massless equation g=tau.c^2 replaces G with the more fundamental constant c, the velocity of light. Therefore, G is not a fundamental constant but some function of structure that we don’t fully understand.

However, our assumptions or axioms about the physical world affect or are affected by what we perceive as structure.

Over the last 16 years researching the new physics, I found myself arguing both sides of the coin! Holding dichotomies in my head. Polychotomies? Wondering where the truth lay? Was there was one? Were there many?

Our two most fundamental, implicit, unwritten, unthought, physics assumptions are (1) there has always been some form of order in the Universe at least since the beginning of time, and (2) that this order can be written down in mathematical form.

What if both of these assumptions were wrong? Prior to the Big Bang, was there unmathematical disorder? How then, did order come to be? Do we observe the coming of order as the Big Bang? How is it that this order can be described in mathematical form? Or does a part of the Universe that cannot be described in mathematical form, still exists?

I don’t know.

I found out that if we dig deep enough we will find that everything we know is wrong. Einstein replaced Newton. Newton replaced Galileo, Kepler & Tycho Brahe, who in turn replaced some of the then contemporary church teachings, —> Read More