An Ocean Is Hidden Inside Earth, And We’ll Take You There To See It (VIDEO)

Earth’s interior is way more complicated than you probably thought — turns out it has molten metal and hidden oceans, and parts of it are hotter than the surface of the sun.

Check out the video above and/or read the transcript below. And leave your thoughts in the comments. Talk nerdy to me!


JACQUELINE HOWARD: Hey everyone. Jacqueline Howard here. Ever wonder what it’s like inside our planet? Come with me on a subterranean tour all the way from the rocky crust where we live through the layer known as the mantle to the wild half-solid/half-liquid core of the Earth. We’ll also be stopping by a newly discovered underground ocean. Let’s go!

First stop, Earth’s crust–the solid outer layer where we live. The crust is made up of several elements, from iron to silicon to magnesium to sulfur, and its thickness ranges. The continental crust–the stuff found under land–can be up to around 50 miles thick; while the oceanic crust–the stuff under our oceans–is around four miles thick. But let’s see what lies below that.

Now we’re about 50 miles below the surface, at the uppermost region of the mantle. —> Read More Here


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