Apple Wants To Beam Your Fingerprint To New Devices

Apple may be envisioning a world where buying a latte is as easy as holding up your index finger.

A patent application published online Thursday by the United States Patent and Trademark Office would allow the iPhone maker to share your fingerprint data between devices via the cloud.

Apple already uses fingerprint technology in Touch ID, which allows individuals to unlock their phones and iPads with a fingerprint. The process is supposedly more secure and convenient than typing in a password.

The new patent, which Apple has not officially been granted, extends this idea to cover uploading and storing fingerprint data. The patent describes downloading fingerprint data to a second device after it’s been collected. That second device would have a biometric sensor of its own, which it would use to match the fingerprint data you’ve already offered.

It’s an appealing idea because, in theory, your fingerprint could be associated with a profile including relevant information and settings. Perhaps you could easily set up a new iPhone to make it feel like your old device with the touch of your fingerprint. The patent also suggests that vendors equipped with touch devices could charge you for products — like coffee — using —> Read More Here


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