Are we in an Antiscientific revolution? Listen in and find out.

Are we living through an Antiscientific revolution? A new CBC radio documentary explores that question in depth and you can listen in on Sirius XM or at the links below.

On the political right, there are the well-funded climate denial groups and paid disinformers backed by big extraction industry corporations. And there are the passionate conservative religious foot soldiers and republican party faithful that rail against and try to water down the teaching of evolution (the underpinning of biology and modern medicine) in public schools and science textbooks, or the pro-lifers that worry that vaccinating girls against the HPV virus, the chief cause of cervical cancer, will somehow encourage them to become promiscuous. And candidates for president have to, it seems, declare their disbelief in man-made climate change, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is real — and are only taken seriously if they do this.

But the left has its own antiscience issues. Worry that vaccines somehow cause autism is one, even though that has been roundly shown not to be the case, and yet antivax parents callously put entire populations at risk by not vaccinating their children. Another example is the belief that GMO foods are somehow less healthy to eat, even though the scientific literature shows overwhelmingly that is not the case. Other liberals worry that our cell phones may be causing brain cancer, even though massive epidemiological evidence, as well as a high-school level understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum combines with a little chemistry and biology knowledge can show why that’s not the case.

And when it comes to nuttiness and vehemence, the antivax crowd can be just as vicious, mean, and nasty as the climate deniers — as I know from personal experience when they tried to ban my book Fool Me Twice: Fighting the —> Read More