Are You Made of Air Pollution?


How would you like to be made of air pollution? Believe it or not, much of your body actually is.

If you could imagine nine out of ten of your atoms suddenly losing their color, the remaining tenth would leave a ghostly translucent form of you behind, as though you were sculpted from smoked glass. That’s what you would see if you could envision the eight hundred trillion trillion atoms of carbon that are now embedded in your body. Incredibly, about one in eight of those carbon atoms emerged recently from smokestacks and exhaust pipes.

By the end of this century, rising carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas will lodge even more fossil carbon in the bodies of your descendants. This is because plants harvest carbon dioxide from the air, and when we dump fossil fuel carbon into the atmosphere much of it runs through the world’s food chains and into our bodies. If we continue to burn fossil fuels at current rates until the remaining deposits run out, then people of the next century and beyond will be “children of the fumes,” a species whose organic matter is largely derived from its —> Read More Here


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