Artist David Catá Sows Real Plants Into The Palm Of His Hand


Artist David Catá, like many a contemporary artist, employs his body as an artistic medium. Catá, however, falls into a far smaller category of artists who transform their physical person into a mobile garden. For his series “Raíces aladas,” which translates to “Winged roots,” Catá sows real plants in the palm of his hand, allowing new life to sprout and blossom from the cracks and crevices of his own flesh.

“This particular project was developed right after deciding to move to Berlin, after several years living in Viveiro, my small hometown in Galicia, Spain,” Catá explained in an email to The Huffington Post Arts. “This determination was an important step in my life, seeing myself forced to leave many things behind to start a new life in an unknown place with new people and a completely different language. I felt like my feet slowly lifted off the ground, leaving their estate to begin flying.”

This move inspired Catá to meditate on fractured narratives and new beginnings, as his life transformed completely before his eyes. His “Winged roots” series explores how one can take flight into unexplored territory when rooted somewhere else. “These performances, which I document through photography and video, allow —> Read More Here


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