Artist Turns Found X-Rays Into Ghostly, Embroidered Works Of Art


Today in the art world’s version of odd couples, we humbly present you with: the embroidery and the X-ray. One may recall memories of grandma knitting by the fireplace telling stories of growing up in the snow. The other may prompt visions of sterile hospitals, clinical terminology and a nervous stomach ache. Who knew they’d go together so beautifully?

This unusual cross-pollination is the work of Philadelphia-based artist Matthew Cox. “In 2001 my sister and I had a couple of days in Paris together. We had a walk through those long halls of Medieval tapestry at the Louvre and later we realized our mutual respect for the beauty of medical X-rays. I had been thinking for a while about art as self-portraiture, in that it reveals where you are in your experience and interests. When I got back home I began to embroider X-rays.”

Cox’s images combine the tactile and the ethereal, the exterior and the interior, to yield unorthodox portraits that will make you feel warm and cold at the same time. “With the embroidered X-rays there is a clash between the soft/nurturing/motherly feel of embroidery and the hard reality of medical/illness/slick/photographic film,” Cox explained.

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