Asher Jay’s T-shirt for Big Cats Conservation

By Anika Rice

“The unique power of art is that it can transcend differences, connect with people on a visceral level, and compel action,” says creative conservationist and 2014 National Geographic Emerging Explorer Asher Jay.

Through her cause-driven artistic projects and campaigns, Jay sheds light on the world’s threatened wildlife and the causes behind the madness that puts them at risk. For this reason, she designed the Hear Me Roar t-shirt, a stylish garment with a higher purpose that spreads awareness about declining lion populations.

The Cause

A portion of the proceeds from the t-shirt will go to National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative which works to create awareness and implement change so big cats don’t disappear in the wild forever.

Jay creates the artwork featured on the t-shirt while explaining her passion for wildlife in the video “The Wild Creative,” above. The t-shirt has arrived just in time for Big Cat Week (starting on Nat Geo Wild November 28 in the United States) as well as the holiday season.

A portion of the proceeds from Asher Jay’s “Hear Me Roar” t-shirt will go towards helping National Geographic save big cats through the Big Cats Initiative. (Art by Asher Jay)

The Artist

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