Asking the Experts: Artificial Intelligence Leaders Answer AI’s Most Burning Questions (Part I)


What if you could get a few of the top minds in artificial intelligence and pick their brain?

Fun idea, right?

I’m lucky enough to explore the bigger AI questions over dinner with friends and with my colleagues at work, but those views don’t necessarily get shared – and there’s a lot of noise when it comes to this exciting technology.

So, I decided to tap my AI peers for their expert views on the top questions around AI to help provide a more balanced view from the AI community:

(Image provided by Vicarious)

What has been the more unusual uses of artificial intelligence you’ve seen so far?

Cheyer: AI is being applied to all sorts of tangibly useful tasks, but I particularly like it when AI is applied to creative or artistic domains, which to me, gets to the heart of what makes humans human. Some of my favorite examples include:
• David Cope’s work on EMI (“Experiments in Musical Intelligence”), where a computer program has created beautiful works of music in a variety of styles, from classical, to jazz, to Navajo. This video is an example of his program masquerading as artist “Emily Howell.” Beautiful, no?
• Kim Binsted’s JAPE (“Joke Analysis and Production Engine”), a program that creates puns and other humor (e.g. “What do you call a Martian who drinks beer? An ale-ien!”)
• Story generation by companies like Automated Insights and Narrative Science can write “prose” that summarizes certain events or situations. For example, “Twenty seven Colonials came to the plate and the Virginia pitcher vanquished them all, pitching a perfect game. He struck out 10 batters while recording his momentous feat.”
Harold Cohen’s AARON, a robot who constructs —> Read More