Astronomical Highlights of 2015


Get your astronomical calendars ready. Perfect for backyard and urban star gazers, these will be the top stellar highlights for 2015.

Photos by Eric Africa

The planets Venus and Jupiter return to the evening skies this January. Jupiter will be rising in the east as Venus sets in the west. Both planets will be so incredibly bright that you might mistake them for something else… They join the twinkly stars Sirius and Capella as the most-reported UFOs – but please don’t be fooled.

Conjunctions and Occultations with a Side of Pi

Planets will pass very close to each other throughout the 2015. On January 10, Mercury and Venus will shine together just after sunset. On the evening of February 20, the Moon forms a tight triangle with Venus and Mars. And on June 30, the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter will appear so close together at twilight that it may be difficult to tell them apart. Venus and Jupiter will meet again in the morning sky on October 26 and line up with Mars on October 28. Finally, don’t miss the slim crescent moon cozying up with Venus on the morning —> Read More Here


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