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Asserting the freedom of navigation: Does the US go too far?

Freedom of navigation operational assertions (FONAs) are assertive operations carried out mainly by the U.S. Navy when other nations impose what the U.S. considers excessive restrictions on the freedom of navigation anywhere in the world. Sent by the Pentagon through naval ships or aircrafts, FONAs demonstrate that the U.S. will not accept such restrictions and it is only in special areas that they require higher approval. —> Read More

What’s behind a tarantula’s blue hue?

Researchers have found that many species of tarantulas have independently evolved the ability to grow blue hair using nanostructures in their exoskeletons, rather than pigments. The study is the first to show that individual species evolved separately to make the same shade of a non-iridescent color, one that doesn’t change when viewed at different angles. —> Read More

Super-absorbent material soaks up oil spills

In hopes of limiting the disastrous environmental effects of massive oil spills, materials scientists have teamed up to manufacture and test a new material, called a boron nitride nanosheet, that can absorb up to 33 times its weight in oils and organic solvents — a trait that could make it an important technology for quickly mitigating these costly accidents. —> Read More

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