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What Happens to Astronaut’s Brain on Way to Mars

According to new research from the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Nevada, exposure to galactic cosmic rays may have long-term adverse consequences to cognition throughout life; and performance decrements, memory deficits, and loss of awareness and focus during spaceflight may affect mission-critical activities. As NASA prepares for the first manned spaceflight to [...] —> Read More

Tough laws to stop the trade of endangered wildlife ‘not enough’

Western conservation groups are seeking stricter law enforcement to tackle a trade in endangered wildlife, but a researcher warns that this is not a ‘silver bullet’ solution. He highlights the case of the Bali starling, where bringing in tougher laws back-fired — only serving to make the bird more popular among the elite. He highlights how sometimes local people who know the realities on the ground get better results. —> Read More

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